85 Eco Friendly Cards

So you’re responsible for planning the big 5–0. Start it off right by selecting from our exclusive line of 50th birthday invitations. No matter whether they’re already dreaming of lives of leisure on the golf course or they’re halfway through their already successful executive careers, Paper Culture has the modern birthday invitations to match their style. Their fiftieth birthday’s a big deal – that’s half a century! That’s 50 years of incredible memories and friends and certainly a cause worth celebrating so start your party off right with some chic 50th birthday party invitations from Paper Culture. If turning 40 was the proverbial hill, turning 50 is a sign that you’ve embraced the wisdom you’ve gained over the years and you know that we’re living in the 21st century where age is only what you make of it. So carpe diem and start your fiftieth year our with invitations, festivities, friends and family that will send a warning to all who care to listen, that the best years are yet to come. And while we’re talking about the future, remember that your 50th birthday invitations will be printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper so no new trees will be cut down for your invitations. We also offset the carbon footprint that is created with the production of your 50th birthday invitations through the purchase of carbon credits. Finally, our favorite touch that should do your 50th birthday party justice, we will plant a tree with every order and you will have the opportunity to create a virtual dedication of that tree. When the party is done, don’t forget Paper Culture offers eco-friendly photo books to capture the perfect memories of the big 50th birthday party.