240 Eco Friendly Cards

If you are sick of the stereotypical “blue is for boys” and “pink is for girls” tradition, Paper Culture provides you a cure made of unisex baby announcements! With some premium, recycled paper, a generous sprinkle of bold typography, a dash of whimsy and fun, and a heavy dose of exclusive designs, we offer gender neutral birth announcements that you simply cannot refuse. No more excuses of not being able to announce your baby’s birth because the cards do not come in a design you like! We get it – this is the modern age, and that whole blue and pink thing is so “been there, done that.” And here at Paper Culture, we are all about being modern. Which is why we offer unisex baby announcements in many different colors, such as orange, purple, grey, green, and brown...Even then, why not select a bright blue design for your wide-eyed baby girl? Or even a gentle pink or beige accent to bring out the photo of your delicate, sleeping baby boy? After all, our birth announcements for boys or girls let you say exactly what you want to say, whether through color choice or personalized text. Customize your card to your heart’s content, and our professional designers will help you throughout the entire process. We know that you are excited about your new bundle of joy; let friends and family in on the excitement by sending them a specially-designed unisex baby announcement that they can hang on the fridge or display in a frame, and in general, to keep for years to come. Once the dust settles, capture all the memories of your new born baby with Paper Culture’s eco-friendly photo books.