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Baby shower invitations set the tone for a great party for your expecting mom. Select from hundreds of baby shower invitation designs, and personalize each design instantly online, or request free professional design assistance. We can help customize your the color or message to make sure it's a perfect match for your baby shower. All of the baby shower invitations are printed on premium 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and we will plant a tree in the mom-to-be's honor with every order placed. 

Tips for Creating the Perfect Baby Shower Invitations

  • Pick a theme: It's always more fun to have a theme, whether it's her favorite location, hobby or animal - make it all about something special to her and pick your shower invites to match.
  • Pick a color (but don't go crazy): It seems obvious to pick a color theme, but you can go overboard with trying to find exact color matches. It's more to create a consistent mood. Being able to match your plates exactly to your invitations to your goody bags is almost an impossible task. Pick a family of colors and get close - nobody will notice and having a few different shades adds to the personality.
  • Go eco: We're obviously biased, but try throwing an eco baby shower. Of course, you can start with baby shower invitations printed on 100% recycled paper that are produced carbon free, but you can also extend that to the other aspects of the shower like asking people to make a donation to an eco cause or you can offset the carbon footprint for your party. Don't forget to recycle everything you can!
  • Baby shower games: OK - we draw the line here, we really can't help with the baby shower games - sorry if that's a letdown. But if you have questions about your invitations, you've come to the right place. Good luck!

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