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Our latest tree planting project

About the Project

Paper Culture is working with, one of our many tree planting partners, to implement forest gardens in the much needed Tabora Region in Tanzania. This specific project will be implemented in Uyui and Urambo which are two of the seven districts in the Tabora region. Our tree planting partner will work with 500 farmers to plant over 2.27 million trees over the course of this 4-year project. 

Why Tabora Region

In 2012 the population of Tabora town was estimated to be nearly 230,000 and Uyui and Urambo nearly 400,000 and 200,000 respectively (2012). Almost 70% of the population of Tanzania is living under the poverty line. 


The livelihoods of most residents in Urambo and Uyui districts depend on rain-fed small-scale farming, practices that are highly vulnerable to environmental degradation and the effects of climate change. Rapid population growth has placed enormous pressure on natural and environmental resources. Agriculture in the area is focused on maize, rice, groundnuts, beans, cowpeas, cassava, sweet potatoes and tobacco. Tabora is also famous for beekeeping (honey and beeswax) and timber activities. Livestock farming - cattle, goats, etc. - is also an important economic activity in the region. The climate is generally hot (20 to 32 degrees C), with relative humidity ranging from 25 to 65% and rainfall ranges from 650 to 850 mm per year. Although the Region is semi-arid, many villages have high water aquifers that are easily tapped into and provide a consistent source of water for irrigating for high value crops such as vegetables and trees.

Trees and Vegetables to be planted:

Tree species (fuel/ fodder, fruit and timber):

Leucaena diversifolia
Leucaena leucosephala
Moringa olifera
Croton megalocarpus
Faidherbia albida
Gliricidia sepium
Acacia nilotica
Acacia tortilis
Albizia lebbeck
Acrocarpus flaxinifolia
Pithecelobium dulce

Vegetable species:

Chinese cabbage Amaranth
African eggplant Pumpkin

If you destroy the forest then the river will stop flowing, the rains will become irregular, the crops will fail and you will die of hunger and starvation.” 

- Professor & Nobel Peace Prizer Winner, Wangari Maathai