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Your Destination for Sustainable DIY Wedding Invitations

Elevate Your Love, Minimize Your Footprint

Elevate your big day with a personal touch that speaks volumes about your love story. Our eco-friendly DIY wedding invitation suites empower you to upload your carefully designed wedding invitations that is as unique as your journey together. Explore our different wedding card sizes and our wedding DIY foil templates. 

Your wedding, your way, when you elevate your wedding planning to a new level of eco-conscious elegance with our sustainable DIY templates sourced from platforms like Etsy, Canva, and other design resources. From save-the-dates to invitations, RSVP cards to thank you notes, seamlessly upload your DIY suite and set a harmonious tone for your celebration while reducing your carbon footprint. Allow your creativity to infuse your suite with rustic charm, bohemian flow, or traditional and modern embellishments. Using one of these eco-friendly sites like Etsy or Canva, custom build  your perfect eco-friendly DIY wedding invitation suite that mirrors your commitment to love and the environment.

Don't worry if you're not a design pro – our user-friendly platform makes DIY a breeze. Whether you're a hands-on couple or a solo planner, it’s easy to upload your design and bring your vision to life effortlessly. Before you even purchase, select our free designer assistance to make sure your wedding invitation design looks perfect before printing. Unlike other companies, all of this is completed before you pay!

We believe that your special day deserves invitations as unique and timeless as your love story. We also believe that celebrating love shouldn't come at the cost of our planet. Our DIY templates combine style and eco-friendliness, so you can make your own beautiful wedding invitations while also being environmentally conscious. Join the ranks of couples who have transformed their wedding stationery into a cherished keepsake. With our DIY wedding invitations, you're not just inviting guests – you're giving them a sneak peek into the magic that awaits on your special day.

Why Choose Paper Culture DIY Wedding Invitations?

Limitless Creativity: Unleash your inner artist and infuse your personality into every detail of your wedding invitations. Once you’ve created your design, our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly upload your masterpiece into one of our thoughtfully crafted templates, giving you complete creative control.

Eco-Friendly Excellence: We understand that preserving the environment is a commitment we all share. We carefully source our materials to minimize environmental impact without compromising quality. Your invitations will be made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper. expressing your love for each other and the environment using 

Seamless Process: Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but printing your invitations doesn't have to be. Our easy-to-use uploading interface helps you visualize your ideas effortlessly. Not interested in a DIY project right now? Head to our wedding invitations page so you can say “I do” to one of our beautifully themed cards.

Uncompromised Quality: Your invitations are a glimpse into your wedding day, and we're dedicated to ensuring they make a lasting impression. All of your wedding invitation suite designs will be printed on 100% post-consumer recycled luxe paper with your choice of normal, double, or triple thickness, ensuring your invitations are nothing short of perfection.

Celebrate love, sustainably. Creating your perfect wedding invitation suite has never been easier.  Once you have designed the individual pieces of your suite sourced from platforms like Etsy, Canva, etc seamlessly upload and choose from our many luxe paper options for printing. If you’re unsure what pieces you’ll need to DIY for a full wedding suite - check out our guidelines below!

DIY Wedding Invitations - Embrace the beauty of sustainability with eco-friendly DIY wedding invitations. A wedding invitation holds significant importance within a wedding suite. Beyond conveying essential details like the date, time, and venue, the invitation sets the tone and theme for the entire event. It provides guests with a glimpse of your style, whether traditional, modern, or whimsical, and offers a preview of the overall aesthetic. Printing on recycled and responsibly sourced materials, your DIY wedding invitations will pop, while sharing your joy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Choose love and choose the Earth when you choose to print your  DIY wedding invitations with Paper Culture.

DIY Save the Dates - Make your love resonate beyond just the two of you with sustainable DIY save the dates. These pieces of the wedding suite offer guests an early heads-up about the upcoming wedding. Their importance lies in providing guests with sufficient time to mark their calendars, make travel arrangements, and ensure their availability for the event. By sending out a Save the Date card, you ensure that your loved ones can prioritize their special day and make necessary arrangements, contributing to the overall success and attendance of the wedding celebration. Choose sustainability without compromising on your creativity and share the beginning of your wedding story in an eco-conscious way when printing your DIY Save the Dates with Paper Culture.

DIY Response Cards - Contribute to a sustainable future while inviting your loved ones to be part of your joyous day with eco-friendly DIY response cards. RSVP or response cards hold significant importance within a wedding suite as they facilitate efficient planning and organization for you and your chosen vendors. This card enables guests to confirm their attendance or regret their inability to attend the wedding, allowing you to accurately estimate the number of attendees for seating arrangements, catering, and other logistical considerations. By choosing eco-friendly options like Etsy or Canva to make your own response cards, you're setting a beautiful example of how every small choice can make a significant impact. Let your wedding be a beacon of love and conscious living when printing your DIY response cards, where sustainability and celebration beautifully intertwine.

DIY Ceremony & Reception Cards - Seamlessly intertwining the threads of your wedding celebration, matching DIY ceremony and reception cards are more than just details – they are the connectors of your love story. By coordinating these essential pieces, you weave a cohesive narrative that guides your guests through each chapter of your special day. Outline the schedule, locations, and other important details related to the ceremony and reception events. This card helps guests navigate the logistics of your day, ensuring they know when and where each part of the celebration will take place. Your love story is a masterpiece; let matching DIY ceremony and reception cards that you custom build be the brushstrokes that bring it to life. 

DIY Place Cards - Elevate your wedding reception with a touch of eco-conscious elegance through sustainable DIY place cards. Place cards are used to assign specific seats or tables to guests, helping to ensure that everyone has a designated place to sit. This is especially important for larger weddings, where organized seating arrangements can prevent confusion and create a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for guests. Place cards also add a personalized touch, and foster a sense of connection and community among attendees. Transform your reception into a showcase of your love for each other and the Earth by printing your  DIY place cards with Paper Culture, where beauty and responsible choices intertwine seamlessly.

DIY Thank You Cards - Matching DIY thank you cards serve as the final brushstroke in your wedding's artistic canvas, leaving a lasting impression on those who shared in your joy. Just as each element of your celebration harmoniously aligned, these cards continue the thread of consistency and elegance. By maintaining a cohesive DIY design throughout, you extend your appreciation in a heartfelt and polished manner. A thank you card is an essential component of a wedding suite as it demonstrates gratitude and appreciation to guests who attended the celebration and possibly offered gifts or support. These cards acknowledge the time, effort, and affection guests invested in the wedding, leaving a lasting positive impression and strengthening relationships. Let your appreciation be more than words – let it be a visual reminder of the beauty and unity that surrounded your special day by choosing Paper Culture to print and send your matching luxe  DIY thank you cards.

Join the Eco-Friendly Movement

When you choose Paper Culture make your own cards, you're making more than just an eco-friendly printing choice – you're making a statement. A statement that echoes your love for each other and your love for the planet. It's a small step towards a greener world, yet a giant leap towards a more conscious celebration. If you’re looking to skip making your own and you’re ready to purchase one of our wedding invitation suites, our free designer assistance will make sure your designs match your special day.

Redefining Elegance, Reducing Waste

Your sustainable DIY wedding invitations are just a few clicks away. Join us in embracing creativity, elegance, and responsibility in every aspect of your wedding. Make your own wedding invitation suites to print and send  invitations that mirror your love story while leaving a lighter footprint on our Earth.