Paper Culture compared to Minted, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Snapfish

Premium Card Companies Standard Card Companies
Certified B Corporation
A Tree Planted with EVERY Order
All Cards & Envelopes: 100% Recycled Paper
Company Offsets Entire Carbon Footprint1
Certified California Green Business, California Climate Leader Award Winner1

Mail Your Cards for You3

(This service is not available for wedding orders)

(+$.99 per envelope)
(no mailing available)
(+$.99 per envelope)
(no mailing available)
Included Paper
145lb 100% recycled paper
140lb non-recycled paper
137lb non-recycled paper
140lb non-recycled paper
120lb non-recycled paper
Free Designed Backs
(+$.35 per card)
FREE Return & Recipient Address Printing4
(+$.39 per card)
(charges $.65 per card
for return address)
(+$.39 per card)
(+$.25 per card)
FREE Pre-Purchase Design Assistance5
(post-purchase only
$4.99 basic, $9.99 photo edits)
Google Customer Reviews - Positive Percentage 1000 Reviews Minimum
$$ $

1Like all companies, Paper Culture has a carbon footprint as a result of operations. But, unlike other companies, Paper Culture offsets its footprint through carbon credits in partnership with Paper Culture is a certified B Corp,a certified California Green Business and is a winner of the California Climate Leader award.

2All comparisons between Paper Culture and Tiny Prints, Minted, Shutterfly, and Snapfish were made based on the first listed Christmas Cards for each company using the standard paper option as the default. Comparisons updated as of Nov 10, 2022.

3Paper Culture will stamp, address, and mail your cards for you. The cost starts at $.69 per card, plus the actual cost of the stamp. This service is not available for wedding orders. Companies like Tiny Prints and Shutterfly offer the service, but charge more. Companies like Minted only offer the address printing portion, but not the mailing. Companies like Snapfish offer neither option.

4Return address printing starts at only $0.39 per card; otherwise, this service is available with basic envelope design for free if getting both recipient and return address printing. For companies like Minted they charge for the return address portion.

 5Only the premium companies have designers available to work on customer cards, but only Paper Culture offers this service even before you’ve purchased, so that you can see how your cards look before you commit.