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Graduation Announcements & Graduation Invitations

Graduates — it's time to celebrate. Whether you're looking for graduation announcements or graduation party invitations, we have your needs covered with graduation photo cards and non-photo 2024 graduation cards. Impress your friends and family with our luxe paper options. If you are swamped preparing for the party, we have mailing and address services where we will address, stamp and mail your announcements and invitations for you. Paper Culture's selection includes high school graduation announcements, college graduation announcements, and master's degree announcements with designs appropriate for every type of milestone. 

You can customize your graduation theme by requesting free designer assistance to make your grad announcement perfect. And, if you’re unsure what theme you want, we have a wide assortment of graduation ideas, too!

The cherry on top is that all of our keepsake 2024 graduation announcements are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. In addition to customized  graduation announcements, you can create a keepsake graduation photo book to memorialize all of your favorite memories of school and your friends. For more details on what makes Paper Culture unique, read how our services and products compare to others. 

Keep in mind with all of our graduation cards, you can custom-make the designs so that they are unique and personalized announcements that can be used for graduation party invitations, as the big grad announcement or a combination of both.

Styles of Graduation Announcements, Graduation Invitations, and Graduation Party Announcements

  • Traditional Graduation Announcements: These graduation announcements often feature text in more formal fonts.
  • Rustic Graduation Announcements: With the rustic graduation announcements, subtle natural motifs, such as flowers and leaves, are used as elegant design accents.
  • Modern Graduation Announcements: These designs use contemporary fonts and minimalist design details surrounding the text.
  • Classic Graduation Announcements: If you want a clean and adaptable design, our classic graduation announcements will be perfect for you.
  • Foil Graduation Announcements: These beautiful glossy cards are sure to add an extra bit of pizzazz to your graduation!


Ordering is as Easy as 1, 2, Tree

1. Select the design

While you’re finding out your graduation details, you can start browsing graduation cards to see what graduation theme you most prefer. Here are some things to think about as you look for the perfect graduation announcement design:

  • Photos: Do you want to feature graduation photos or would you rather keep the graduate’s details front and center with no photo? Alternatively, you can have a combination with details on the front and a graduation photo on the back of the announcement.
  • Style: Choose the graduation theme and style of the announcement, from formal and traditional graduation announcements to less serious themes for fun graduation announcements.
  • Colors: As with most Paper Culture designs, you can use our free designer assistance to request color changes either to match your school colors or your overall graduation theme.
  • Size: Paper Culture offers a variety of graduation announcement card sizes to cater to your personal preferences.
  • Paper: Paper Culture offers three luxe and eco-friendly paper options all made with 100% recycled paper which means your graduation invitations will help, not hurt, the planet.

2. Personalize your Graduation Announcements

  • Once you’ve selected your design, just upload your photos and personalize the copy. We also have alternative back template options if you want to add more graduation photos and details to the announcement.
  • If you would like our designers to help with further custom changes, request our free designer assistance ahead of your purchase.
  • Finalize and approve your digital proof.

3. Place your order and dedicate a tree!   

  • Once you have your final design, select the quantity you want and optional addressing services which include printed envelopes and our Mailed for You service where we address, stamp, and mail your cards for a small fee.
  • Place your order and dedicate the tree we’ll plant for you. Your tree will be planted in a forest where it’s needed most and you can write a dedication for your tree if you’d like!

Graduation Announcements Etiquette
You made it through high school, college, or maybe even a graduate degree; now it’s time to make the perfect custom graduation announcement or invitation. We’ve put together some tips on what you might want to include in your milestone invitation or announcement!

Graduation Announcement Tone

Before we get into any graduation invitation wording, let's look at some options you can include in your graduation invitation or announcement. There are many similarities between graduation announcements and graduation invites. Photos tell a story and including them on either type of card is sure to make a statement. Many graduates like to include inspirational, religious, or funny quotes on their graduation cards. Generally, these quotes are from famous celebrities or powerful figures from history, but some choose to make things more personal by using a quote from family members or friends. This definitely makes your graduation card more heartfelt.
Once you know what feel you’re going for, you can decide what type of graduation announcement wording you'll want to use. It’s often good to match the tone of your graduation invitation text with the card design. There are plenty of designs to choose from, and adding photos can really help create a sincere and memorable grad announcement. 

High School Graduation Invitation Phrasing
We all leave high school with memories of deeply profound moments, as well as memories of fun and jolly times. Lots of people like to celebrate their high school graduation with a relaxing, casual party with family and friends. Here are some details you can include in your party invitation:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines. These are always fun and you don't have to get too complicated. Something simple such as "Guess Who's Graduating?" works brilliantly!
  • Event details. People will need to know the whats, wheres, and whens of your party so be sure to include the party date, time, and location, as well as an RSVP contact phone number. 
  • Some personal information like a quote you love or your plans for the future. Little details like these can add some pizzazz to your invitation and make it really heartfelt!

For the actual wording of the invitation, you can keep things simple and light.  The text doesn’t need to read like an essay so feel free to write as if you were talking to the person face-to-face. Here are a couple of tips to help you get your tone just right: 

  • Using the first-person helps keep the invitation casual, so use words like “I” and “me.”
  • It’s also helpful to use an active voice like “I’m graduating” rather than “I will be graduating.”
  • Don’t overthink things! Simply go with what feels right to you. After all, this is your day!
  • Keep sentences short by including only the most important information. You can tell your loved ones all about graduating and your plans when you see them at your party.

College Graduation Announcement Phrasing

A college graduation ceremony is generally a more formal affair and your announcement can reflect that! These types of graduation cards are usually announcements that sometimes also include a graduation party invitation. If you're having a graduation party (and you should!), be sure to include all the necessary party details such as the time and place. Because college graduation announcements can sometimes be a little more “serious” than high school graduation announcements, you can reflect that in your announcement’s phrasing if you want to:

  • You can use more formal writing like the graduate’s and hosts’ full names with their complete titles. Many college grads choose not to use contractions or abbreviations and they spell out numbers in their announcements. Go ahead and do the same if it feels right!
  • Remember to thank and honor everyone who helped you get to where you are by including shout-outs similar to the ones you’d find in the acknowledgments section of a book.
  • It's quite common to have themed parties for college graduations. Play around with fonts to find one that you like that matches your celebration’s theme.