93 Eco Friendly Cards

Everyone is anticipating the baby shower where they will finally find out the gender of your baby, so tease them a little bit more with unisex baby shower invitations! With all the different colors of the rainbow chosen for our exclusive designs, our gender neutral baby shower invitations will not spoil the surprise. We have green invitations that feature a family of penguins or a sleeping baby in a pea pod. There are cards colored with earth tones that display stylized, modern elephants and fruit silhouettes. And don’t forget the bright yellow and orange unisex baby shower invitations filled with tea parties, ducklings, and balloons that make a bold statement. We provide you with a ton of unique designs to choose from, because we know how important this moment is for you. After all, who doesn’t love a good surprise? While we won’t be baking the cake that is colored with your baby’s gender for the big reveal, or thinking up the scavenger hunt to discover whether your baby is a boy or girl, we can help you start the party off right. Let everyone know that you plan to unveil the secret and that your gathering will be anything but boring. What better way to achieve this than to invite them to this amazing celebration with a fun, colorful, and stylish unisex baby shower invitation? Best of all, you will also feel good about your purchase, because our baby shower invitations for boys or girls are printed on eco-friendly, 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and we plant a tree with every order. And that is what we call a pleasant surprise. When the party is done, don’t forget Paper Culture offers eco-friendly photo books to capture the perfect memories of the big baby shower.