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The Year of the Sheep has arrived (or depending on who you ask, the Year of the Goat or Year of the Ram). The Year of the Horse has galloped away and the Year of the Sheep, Goat and Ram is upon us. Paper Culture’s set of Year of the Ram cards includes cards specific to Chinese New Year, New Year’s photo cards and even party invitations. It is said that people bron in the Year of the Goat tend to have intuitive reasoning and a quiet sense of wisdom. For those who believe in the stars it is said that people born in this year are most compatible with people born in the Year of the Horse, Rabbit and Pig. Whether you’re Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or any other person celebrating the Lunar New Year, you’ll find chic, modern and eco-friendly cards in Paper Culture’s Year of the Goat collection for 2015. We have adorable sheep with scrolls, dangling lanterns that light up the card, and fun mah jong pieces that predict nothing but good luck. But why stop there? Modern typography, bold Chinese words, and traditional Chinese prints and patterns add to this bright and lucky collection. You can also add your favorite photos to any of our photo Chinese New Year cards. Nothing puts a huge smile on your recipient’s face than an adorable photo of your kids, as they grin from ear to ear, eagerly waiting to dig into the Chinese candy box filled with sweets and dried fruits. Of course, family photos are also loveable, as you and your family wish your recipients good luck, good fortune, and good health. And don’t forget that our Year of the Goat cards are perfect for announcing a new birth. Let everyone know that your little sheep has arrived! Keep it different and unique with our heavy, thick, eco-friendly cards, and start off the New Year with something special and fortunate.