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Soccer balls, cartoon astronauts, and cute-as-a-button mushrooms all have one thing in common – they are all amazing designs for Paper Culture’s unisex birthday invitations! With our gender neutral birthday party invitations, we throw boring, traditional rules out the window, since we are all about being modern and stylish anyway. So if your daughter wants to be a dragon rider, or your son is digging the idea of a dancing owl party, it’s okay! We make it easy for you with our wide selection of gender neutral birthday invitations. Gone are the days when girls’ birthday parties were all princess-themed. (Although, we still offer those lovely invitations for those who do wish for princesses instead of pirates!) Sayonara to superhero birthdays for boys...unless your son wishes to reveal himself as Lightning Man at said shindig. Nowadays, it’s all about fierce lions and spaceships swimming with dolphins and pandas baking cupcakes. After all, your child’s imagination goes to places we have forgotten and meets creatures that we have one spoken with. And what better way to make it memorable than by using your imagination when choosing a unisex birthday invitation for your kid’s birthday party? To balance out our wondrous selection of unisex birthday invitations, we keep things grounded by printing our invitations on 100% post-consumer recycled paper to help the earth. So when you take a break from the rainbow jungle party or the hot air balloon voyage, you can rest assured that the environment is still in good hands. When the party is done, don’t forget Paper Culture offers eco-friendly photo books to capture the perfect memories of the big birthday party.