Sustainable Products
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We believe the answer to preserving the world's resources is NOT to abstain from enjoying the beauty of the Earth, but to do so in a way that leaves the world better off than before you began. We do this by sourcing sustainable materials, offsetting our carbon footprint, and planting a tree with every order.
Sustainable Processes
Sustainable Materials
One of the first questions we ask about every product is: “What will we make it from?” Often times we can’t find materials that meet our standards. For example, for our holiday cards and wedding invitations, we couldn’t find a 100% recycled paper that was both beautiful to the touch and the environment … so we partnered with local paper manufacturers to create the paper ourselves. By using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, we cut down no new trees for our cards. We launched a product with another partner for our wall decals that are made entirely from recycled plastic and a water based adhesive. This is particularly important because over 95% of all wall decals are made from vinyl which contains known Class 1 carcinogens and is a petroleum based product. We also use materials like bamboo (one of the most renewable resources in the world), and our cotton products are either all organic cotton or made from the lintner’s of cotton (the pre-consumer recycled parts of other cotton manufacturing).
Sustainable Processes
Creating a sustainable product is not just about the materials, but also about the choices we make in manufacturing them. We partner to manufacture our paper and our wall decal material domestically thereby reducing the environmental impact further. Of course, as an e-commerce company we have a carbon footprint, a large portion of which is the transportation and manufacturing process. We partner with organizations like to offset our entire carbon footprint.

But we’re equally proud of the small choices that don’t directly impact our customers. We chose offices in large part based on their proximity to public transportation and are proud that the majority of our employees walk or take public transportation to work. We implemented a new building-wide recycling program in our office. And of course, we make sure to stock our office supplies with eco-friendly cleaning materials and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Our philosophy is simple: every action counts in creating the future we all want to have.