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Contemporary, Modern, and Minimal
“It is strange a difference comes from a subtraction.”
― Natasha Tsakos, Playwright

As creatives, we inevitably find ourselves bursting with new ideas. We want to try them all. But the true challenge is curating those ideas. In curation, we strive for simplicity, minimalism, and exquisite proportions in everything we touch, from the design of our cards and products, to how we present them, and to finding a way to inspire you to integrate them into your life. We set out to achieve our goal of infusing that experience with contemporary, modern, and minimal design.
Contemporary Design
Our Design Community
Design Community
To deliver on our design vision, we enlist our amazing global community of designers. We work with hundreds of illustrators, graphic designers, and calligraphers across 6 continents (we’re still waiting for our first designer from Antarctica) because the goal we strive for is a global one, and we want our design to reflect that goal. Only together can we hope to save our planet.

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