The Complete Micro Wedding Guide

Planning a Micro Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

Weddings are a web across the United States. More than two million couples got married in 2019.  Each wedding was different, but one thing they had in common was expenses. You can spend thousands of dollars on your wedding and not have a meaningful experience. Smaller, more intimate weddings called micro weddings are a great alternative. But what is a micro wedding? What do you need to do in order to plan one out? What goes into the best wedding invites and announcements?  Answer these questions and you can have a memorable experience with your partner and loved ones in little time.

Here is your comprehensive guide. 

What Is a Micro Wedding? 

A micro wedding is an intimate wedding experience with fewer guests than normal. The average wedding has 167 guests. The cap on a micro wedding varies, but most wedding planners say that micro weddings involve fewer than 50 guests.  That is the only substantial difference between a micro wedding and a regular wedding. A micro wedding can involve the same ceremonies as a standard one.  A micro wedding has many advantages over a standard wedding. It is less expensive than traditional occasions. But it also creates a better sense of intimacy amongst the participants. Many micro weddings leave plenty of time for guests to mingle with the happy couple. This is unlike large weddings, where the spouses may only speak to each guest for a few seconds. You may have heard of a "microwedding" or a "miniwedding." These are the same as a micro wedding, and wedding planners use them interchangeably. 

How to Plan Your Micro Wedding

Micro weddings may sound easier than regular weddings, but they're just as difficult. Nonetheless, there is plenty of opportunities for you to create an intimate and beautiful experience. 

Craft Your Guest List 

In general, you want to select your immediate family members and mutual friends. If you have some room, each of you can select other close friends.  Keep your guest list as private as possible, the intimate wedding feel is an intricate part of the experience. Do not tell people that you are planning a micro wedding because they may feel you are leaving them out.  You can always go over 50 guests if there are more people you want to invite. Take a look at your savings and see how many more additional people you can accommodate.

As with traditional weddings, you will need to assign wedding party roles and responsibilities. You and your partner can each choose an honor attendant, and you can go without a flower child or junior attendant. 

Find a Venue 
You can choose any number of venues. Outdoor settings are romantic and spacious, and you can go to any of your favorite outdoor locations.  You can get married in a public location, but you may need a permit or license. You should find a spot that is not near other park events and does not have substantial traffic. At the same time, you need a spot that is close to parking and restrooms.  Private locations are easier from a logistical standpoint. But you need to book them well ahead of time. This is especially true if you are planning a holiday wedding.  Whenever possible, you should have the wedding and reception at the same location. You can have the ceremony in one room and the reception in another so the caterer can make their preparations.  If you want a religious ceremony with a clergy member, you need to respect their guidelines. Most Catholic priests will only conduct a wedding inside a Catholic church. This means you will need to book a separate location for the reception, which can be expensive.
Do not rush your decision on a venue. Visit a few different sites several times before making your decision. 

Hire a Caterer 
With fewer people, you will need fewer options. You may not need to provide vegetarian food or seafood.  Caterers are incredibly creative people who can match whatever theme you want. If you are getting married in a nature preserve, you can find a caterer who provides all-natural dishes. If you like particular dishes, you can serve those at your wedding. You can serve pizza, curry, or smoothies instead of traditional options. You can even do a "global wedding" and have dishes from different parts of the world. 

Recruit a Photographer 
Even if you have a very small, intimate wedding, you will need a photographer. You and your guests will want lasting memories of your event. The photographer will have fewer shots to cover, so you won't have to pay too much. Talk to photographers about their custom packages. You can find one that focuses on you and your partner, but you can get photographs of the guests as well. If you have a small enough guest list, each guest can get their own portrait. Get some custom frames for each portrait and include the date of your wedding on them.  You can also hire a videographer to record the wedding and reception as they happen. You can find someone to perform double-duty, taking photographs and videos. 

Find Creative Ideas 
There is no shortage of creative ideas for small weddings. You can have a very formal event in a house of worship, or you can throw an informal event at a private home. 
You want an event that reflects both you and your partner's characteristics. If you like the water, you can go out on a boat or start swimming. If you are both scientists, you can conduct a science experiment.  Add plenty of sentimental details to the occasion. You can wear broaches or jewelry from your parents. You can have your dog act as a ring bearer.  You can wear traditional wedding clothing, but you can get experimental. You can choose different colors or textures to wear. If neither you nor your partner like formal clothes, you can go informal.  A more intimate environment means you will have plenty of time to mingle with your guests. Feel free to play games, dance to music, and do fun activities. If each guest wants to give a speech, you can give them time to say their remarks. 

Sending Out Micro Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations are still essential for small weddings. But the reduced guest list gives you more room for creativity in your small wedding invitations.  You should send out your invitations at least several weeks in advance. Make sure you ask for RSVPs so you can change your catering plans if need be.  If you are planning a wedding several months in advance, you should send save the date cards. Match them to your theme, but focus on giving the relevant details for your wedding. You can get more decorative with your formal invitations.  If you might postpone your wedding, send out postponement cards as soon as possible. They do not have to be elaborate. A simple white card telling the recipient to change the date is all you need to provide. 

Sending Wedding Announcements 
Marriage announcements are for individuals who could not attend your wedding. For a micro wedding, they are especially important.  But you have to tread lightly. Receiving an announcement can make a person feel annoyed that they were not invited to the wedding.  Keep the card simple. Take a photograph of yourself and your new spouse and put it on the front. Give the date and location for where the wedding occurred.  Do not provide a photograph of the people who attended your wedding. This will accentuate a recipient's feelings of being left out. 

Photobooks and Thank You Cards 
Consider sending photobooks of the wedding to your guests or even those family members who couldn't make it.
At a minimum, you should make a book for yourself and your partner! A photobook is a great way to remind yourself of the event and share with others later on. You should always send out a thank you card to your wedding guests. As with invites, you should do your best to add some life to your card.  If you went on a honeymoon with your partner, consider sending a photograph of your trip. If you went on an activity with your guests, you can send a photograph of that activity. Feel free to add a guide so they can replicate it at home.  Write the person's name on the card and give them a warm thanks for coming. Leave the door open so you can communicate again with them. "We hope to speak to you soon" is a good touch. 

Qualities of the Best Micro Weddings 

Micro weddings are as meaningful as large weddings. You can invite the people you love the most to your event. You can find a terrific venue, caterer, and photographer.  Take the opportunity to truly personalize your special day. You can engage in a group activity and you can create a theme that speaks to your personality.  In particular, try to personalize your wedding invitations and announcements. Handwrite the details on your cards for that personal touch and include photographs of yourself.  Find professionals to help you create the best ones. Paper Culture provides beautiful and environmentally friendly cards. Browse our wedding invitations today.