Holiday Cards

Buy Christmas Cards Early to Avoid Delays

With concerns over the coronavirus and mail-in ballots expected to swamp the postal service, it's a good idea to get your holiday planning out of the way early. However, if you want to mail holiday cards early this year, it's a good idea to start planning now.

Postal Slowdown for Holiday Mailing
In the past, the postal service has done a great job of delivering millions of packages around the world for the December holidays. There are several challenges that might impact your attempt to mail cards on times for loved ones to receive by December 23.

First, more people are ordering online than ever due to business closures and concerns over the coronavirus. Some of this traffic goes through the U.S. Post Office, competing with your ability to get cards and gifts out on time. 

With millions of election ballots expected to hit the mail this November, it may be a good idea to get started on your distribution list for holiday cards as early as possible.

Everyone Could Use Cheer This Year
In a normal year, you would ideally send out your Christmas cards and holiday cards in December. This gives recipients time to display them proudly. This is particularly true if you just got engaged or married and want to share your first photos as a family with friends and relatives.  Besides, who couldn't use a little extra cheer in this difficult year?

Beating the holiday rush and the election day mail-in ballot rush is easier with a little help. Paper culture makes ordering holiday cards with photos easy. Shop and buy cards early to avoid any delays as the season draws near. 

Preparing Your Holiday Cards

Need some tips on preparing your holiday cards? Here are 4 steps for getting your holiday cards out early.

1. Get your photos
Given the past year, it may have been harder to get photos since events and travel plans got canceled. If you want professional photos, try a service like Shoott, that allows you to book a 30-minute free photoshoot at a convenient outdoor location.  You only pay for the photos you want. 

For the final selection, look over your top picks and ask yourself the following questions:

Which pictures make you smile?
Which photo best matches the card design you have in mind?

2. Pick a design
With so many design options, narrow your choices down to your style whether it's classic, rustic, modern, and whimsical. Then determine the amount of photos you want. You can include several photos in a collage and go with a fun or more traditional theme. Double-check that the colors in the design and photo match appropriately. 

3. Personalize message
With today's technology, you can create a unique design that represents your personality perfectly. Personalize your cards during the order process. You can get the kids involved if you have the cards sent to your home. Photo cards to grandparents are always appreciated.  And, really, for a fun family pic, is there really such a thing as too much?

If you recently got married or have a new baby, holiday cards are a great way to include exciting news. Holiday cheer should always be available in vast quantities, but this year Christmas might need a little help from your imagination. People are sure to appreciate the effort.

4. Addressing Services
Does your hand ache at the thought of handwriting dozens of addresses? There's a way to get out of it. When you order holiday cards from Paper Culture, we have several services from printing your recipient and return addresses for you, to even mailing them for you, all for a small fee. 

Our addressing services are well in demand during the holidays so don't miss your mailing deadlines. Order early today.

Now that you know how the process works, it's time to get to work. Whether or not you experience a Postal Service slowdown this year, you'll be happy when your cards are ordered and ready to send. If you think it's too early to send out holiday and gift cards, have them mailed to your home. You can then send the addressed and stamped cards out at your convenience. 

Paper Culture offers hundreds of design and layout options and the easy to use interface makes designing your holiday card a breeze. You can spend the extra time you gain with your significant others just enjoying the holiday.