Holiday Cards

Holiday Card Ideas during Quarantine

Remember when we all thought COVID-19 would disappear by the summer? Yeah, that's not looking too likely at this point. The further we get into the pandemic, the more it seems like we'll be having our first Christmas during quarantine. It doesn't sound like the most joyous way to spend the holiday, but it doesn't have to be all bad. Sure, you might not be able to see all your friends and family, but you can still keep the connection alive with holiday cards! What are Quarantine Holiday Cards, you ask? Keep reading for a full rundown.

Holiday Cards During Quarantine
Everyone looks forward to receiving holiday cards and Christmas cards during the winter holiday season. This will be doubly true in the case of a quarantine holiday. Since you can't enjoy the holiday with your extended family -- you can't hug them, laugh with them, or give them gifts in person -- a card works as a way to show your appreciation from home. Sending an average holiday card and ignoring the issue of quarantine, though, may come off as disingenuous to some. The quarantine is happening to everyone -- there's no need to ignore the facts. A quarantine-themed card -- whether humorous, heartfelt, or appreciative -- is a warm way to ease someone's sadness during this difficult time. Here are a few ways you can pull it off.

The Heartfelt Approach
If you want to express your love for a distant friend, family member, or spouse, go the heartfelt route.

Write to your loved one about how much you miss them, how you wish that you could be together, and how excited you are to be reunited after quarantine. Rather than dwell on the negatives of the situation, look forward to the positive. Include a photograph of yourself and the family you get to quarantine with, or a photo of you with the recipient from before quarantine started. A heartfelt card like this looks past the current situation to the brighter future. It's sure to warm the recipient's heart and pull them from the dark place they may be in during their first quarantine holiday. If you have a design of your own, you can upload it yourself using Paper Culture's DIY holiday cards. 

The Appreciative Approach
If the recipient of your card is a frontline worker, try sending a holiday card that shows your appreciation for them. Remind the card recipient how important they've been during the pandemic, how much you appreciate the work they've done, and let them know you respect their strength. Remind them that they're the hero of the pandemic, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Tell them how excited you are to see them again. You can even throw in some positive statistics about the decline of the pandemic to cheer them up and remind them how much their work is doing. Include a poem about frontline workers and their strength. Make them feel good about themselves because, well, they deserve it -- especially during the holidays!

The Humorous Approach
If you want to go another route, why not explore the more humorous side of living in close quarters this past year. True, there's not much that's funny about a worldwide pandemic. But there are funny ways you can frame the pandemic, and certain things that have happened during it. Just look around social media to see all the memes that have come out of the pandemic for proof! Whether it's a joke about holding onto your toilet paper supplies, a sarcastic remark about how much you "feel bad" not seeing family members during the holidays, or a poke at those who refuse to follow quarantine rules, almost anything is fair game. You know your family member's sense of humor, so work with that. You might want to avoid darker topics for obvious reasons.

You can even include a funny little gift with the card, like a disposable mask or a sheet of toilet paper for their collection. It may not seem like it at first, but there's a lot of humorous angles to explore with quarantine holiday cards. Know your audience and you can't go wrong. If you need help perfecting your card's design before sending it out, utilize our free designer assistance services. We'll make sure your card gets just the right reaction from your recipient.

The Year-In-Review
Another approach is to show the recipient of your card what your year and the year in general has brought you. Collect photographs from your year, write down some lessons you learned from the year in quarantine and put a positive, honest spin on everything. Not only does this make a great, original card, it also works as great therapy for you. It lets you reflect on your year and see that it wasn't all bad -- you've probably had some pretty great times when you think about it! You can add a little humor to this, a heartfelt message at the end, and a sign-off expressing how excited you are to hear about their year in quarantine... and ultimately, to move past it all.

Making the Best of Christmas During Quarantine
Christmas during quarantine isn't ideal, but it may be unavoidable. If you're looking for a way to make your quarantine Christmas just a little better, consider thoughtful holiday cards for your special someone that you can't wait to see again. Whether you go funny or heartfelt, the recipient will love the effort and thought you've put into it.