101 Eco Friendly Cards

COVID Christmas cards give us an opportunity to reconnect with those who we cherish most in these challenging COVID-19 times: family and friends. This collection of COVID-themed holiday cards and Christmas cards help everyone capture both the challenges and togetherness of 2024 and this pandemic year. While shelter-in-place has been lifted for now, we know the Omicron variant may change the holidays we were hoping for. It’s through the strength of family, friends, faith, and togetherness that we can find strength. It’s also through COVID-19 vaccinations that we might be able to still have small holiday party get togethers. This COVID Christmas card collection recognizes that “Merry” may not always be the sentiment of the day or this holiday season. You’ll be able to select from themes of hope, togetherness and unity. But for those who believe that humor always has its place, we have some fun before and after quarantine holiday cards to sum up the craziness of 2024. We also recognize that the Coronavirus isn’t the only news of 2024. We also faced unprecedented wildfires, intense storms, and social upheaval. Part of choosing a Paper Culture Covid Holiday Card is the knowledge that you will also be doing your part to impact the Climate Crisis. Why? Because your COVID themed Christmas cards will be printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. No new trees will be cut down and the carbon footprint of the manufacturing will be offset. Our favorite part, a tree will be planted in your honor with every order. Now that’s a good way to start out the New Year.