Holiday Cards

Holiday & Christmas Card Theme Ideas

If you want to celebrate the season, simple holiday cards are a perfect way to express your love and affection. From humorous themes to pets and more, it's easy to find the perfect card you can send to friends and family to show you care.

Read on for a list of some ideas for simple holiday cards you can send this season that your entire family will adore.

Religious Christmas Cards
This holiday, send religious Christmas cards to loved ones to help them celebrate this extremely special time of year. Your card can be geared toward any religion as long as it expresses the true meaning of Christmas that's most special to you. Look for simple holiday cards that feature a classic Bible verse or a charming manger scene. If your family celebrates Hanukah (or Chanukah), send a card featuring a dreidel, menorah, or the Star of David. Your religious card doesn't have to be boring and stuffy, either. Personalize the card by adding a photo or wording that's special and unique to you.

Simple Holiday Cards for Pets
When the holiday season approaches, we can't forget our furry friends! Make sure your pet has a voice this holiday by sending a pet-themed card to the ones you love. Pet holiday cards can be a ton of fun to create, so come up with a few unique ideas that include humorous pics of your dog or cat. Of course, dogs and cats aren't the only pets you might own, so don't be afraid to mention the family bird or even the goldfish, too. Make pet holiday cards endearing by writing a message in their "voice." It's the perfect way to say happy holidays from your beloved fur children.

Fun Holiday Cards
The holiday season is a time for joy and cheer, so it only makes sense that your holiday cards are tons of fun to make and send. Craft a custom Christmas card featuring an inside joke, a funny group photo, or even just some uniquely colorful embellishments and designs. Look for charming graphics like ornaments, wreaths, or garland. These cheerful touches will put a smile on everyone's face and spread your message of fun to everyone you know. As you design your card, always keep fun in mind! Try a card with a wine theme for the wine-lover in your life. A grinning nutcracker or a polar bear will make this holiday merry and bright.

Milestone Holiday Cards
Life is filled with huge moments and precious memories to celebrate. Make your holiday even more memorable by sending special milestone holiday cards that commemorate important times in your life. 

- If it's your baby's first Christmas, this is the perfect time to send an adorable holiday card. Add a picture of your little one to the card dressed in their holiday best to send a sweet sentiment to family members that are also a lasting keepsake.
- Maybe you're planning to marry your other half this coming year. If so, now's the perfect time to create special marriage announcement holiday cards! Not only will you surprise everyone this Christmas, but sending your marriage announcement during the holidays can save you money, too.
- Planning a big move? Take advantage of the season to send out a few moving announcement holiday cards. You might even get a housewarming gift as an added bonus.
- Another great idea for a milestone holiday card is if your child recently graduated from high school or college. Let everyone know just how proud you are of your graduate by including a photo of them dressed in their cap and gown on the card.

Holiday Cards by Theme
If you don't have pets or there's no major milestones to speak of this year, consider sending out some simple holiday cards. Make your message short and sweet, but you can always add a photo of yourself if you want to make the card a little bit more personalized. A simple card can still be sentimental if you add the right messaging. The real key is to come up with a creative and fun card that shows you care. If you're a big fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, now's the perfect time to send out some rustic holiday cards. Look for designs that feature classic rustic themes like eucalyptus leaves, country wreaths, or sprigs of greenery. For those who are feeling the holiday spirit, be sure to send festive holiday cards with a Christmas-y theme. From red poinsettias to Christmas trees, these cards really capture the vibe of the season. Select a card with shiny foil accents to give it a cheery finishing touch. Some people think of Christmas as being a nostalgic time of year. If you're one of those people, give vintage holiday cards a try. These unique cards showcase classic icons and themes that reflect on the sweet days gone by and are perfect for anyone who's sentimental about Christmases past.

There are so many fun choices when creating holiday cards for your friends and families. With Paper Culture's free designer assistance, we are here to help with photo editing, layout and color changes, and etiquette all before you even purchase.