Holiday Planning

Celebrating Your First Holidays In Your New Home

New Address? Perfect Timing!

The holidays are a time for us to come together and share our love for friends and family, making them the perfect occasion to let the people close to you know about your new home. If you've just moved into a new house, it can be a real struggle to maintain an active social life and stay on top of all of your responsibilities -- a well-timed Christmas card could be just the way to announce your new home to your loved ones. At Paper Culture, we print photo books, holiday-themed cards, photo prints, and more ways of capturing memories and expressing sentiments. When it's the holiday season, these can make for ideal gifts and stocking stuffers. All of our products are ethically-made, so you can acquire them with a clear conscience -- you won't be put on the Naughty List for buying your Christmas cards from a sweatshop this year.

Home Announcement

Making a home announcement can be an awkward process, as there's no right way to do it. In the age of social media, most people announce their moves via Facebook or Instagram posts. However, sometimes your friends and family miss digital posts, and in the way of social media, after a couple days that post is buried under new content. The great thing about physical media is that it's corporeal and it lasts! A physical Christmas card can feel much more personal than an "@" on Twitter. Home announcements do more than just let people know your new address. It lets them know you're thinking of them, and that you'd love for them to come to visit you at your new home. Since there's no one way to do a home announcement, our products allow you to be as creative as you like. You could send a fun card showing snapshots of move-in day, capturing what rooms looked like after you finished decorating. Alternatively, you could show a set of photo prints showing your family in the new residence. However you decide to announce your new home, Paper Culture can help you with the finished product.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards serve as a great, dual-purpose option for you to make your home announcement with. Not only do you get your "Merry Christmases" and "Happy Hanukkah"s out of the way, but you also make it known that you've moved into a new place and want everyone to know. At Paper Culture, we offer a wide variety of card templates for you to choose from. With a number of different sizes, styles, and color templates to choose from, you can send exactly the right message. We'll work with you through the design process to adjust formatting, styling, coloring and more as needed, and we won't stop until you have exactly what you're looking for. You can also upload your own design if you're looking for a card that feels a little more homemade. We offer free design assistance on every order, meaning our designers will tweak your uploaded images and formatting until they're absolutely perfect. Printed on ultra-luxe paper, your custom-made holiday cards will show off any design you come up with off brilliantly.

Holiday Invitations

If you're planning a housewarming event for the new digs, then you might be interested in our line of holiday invitations, which are specially designed to make your invitations as warm and welcoming as possible. Choose from an array of diverse styles that let you adjust colors and layouts as needed. Whether you want a simple "Come Over" or a more elaborate invitation prepared, we can help you out. Our invitations come in many different sizes and shapes, letting you make exactly the kind of impression you're looking for. Our site also lets you filter by phrases used, colors utilized in each invitation's design, and more! However, if pre-written cards aren't your thing, then you can make up an invitation yourself and we can throw it together for you in no time. We understand that sometimes a card doesn't feel as genuine if it doesn't contain your own words, which is why we made it a priority to give our clients that option.

Photo Books

At Paper Culture, we're able to make photo books to commemorate any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, or engagement. However, why not invest in a photo book that sets in stone your family's move into a new home? Our photo books come in two different styles:- Printed Hardcover- Printed Layflat Hardcover (available with a dust jacket)Our eco-friendly photo books can be as thin or as thick as you'd like. Whether you want to stuff a book full of snapshots or just pick and choose your favorites, each of the photos you end up choosing will be uploaded in as high a quality as possible and put into each book with care, allowing you to enjoy your favorite portraits for years to come. If you're having trouble deciding how you want your photo book laid out, then our design experts might be able to help. We offer our customers a range of pre-made templates to choose from. You can start with a template and make adjustments as needed, or come up with an entirely new layout yourself -- our designers are more than happy to help! Plus, if you want to take an image from a photo book you make with us and turn it into a holiday card, we can do that too.