Welcome to the Jungle

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Let our friends from the jungle help decorate your nursery or toddler’s room. Featuring a full cast of characters including a monkey, a parrot, a lion, a mouse, a bear, a zebra and a giraffe – our jungle friends are sure to bring life to any room. The bamboo panels can be hung in minutes and make an eco friendly addition to your home decor.

100% Tri-Layered Bamboo
Easy Hang
Easily hang and center in minutes with pre-drilled hanging hole (see back view)
All Bamboo Art ships via Standard shipping for $8.99, for any quantity of Bamboo Art

Luciano Martinez

I am a designer/Illustrator who finds inspiration in contemporary art and design. I find imagination to be one of the most wonderful gifts that human beings posses and love to use mine to create charming and fun characters that take a life of their own. My color palette is influence by my upbringing as a first generation Latino in the United States. My work is consistently shifting and morphing into new and exciting worlds, which I have created from the perspective of my inner child.