One card design. Endless stories to tell.
Our story stickers let you individualize your holiday cards for each recipient allowing you to tell unique stories for each person. You might be inspired to show Grandma one thing and your friends something different through these fun and festive story stickers.
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Pick a card design.
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Purchase a set of 120 stickers with festive and fun themes.
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Make every card unique.
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We plant a tree with every order
Every order plants a tree where reforestation is most needed. We’ve planted 650,000 trees and counting.
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We source sustainable materials
All of our products are made with sustainable materials: from 100% recycled paper to bamboo.
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We offset our carbon footprint through carbon credits, which put resources back into the planet.
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We have been recognized by the EPA as a Top 10 Climate Leader, and are certified as a Green Business.

Story Stickers for Holiday Cards

Inspired by the fun and playful filters on social media, we've created our very own physical story stickers to add to your holiday cards and Christmas cards. Get creative and show unique stories for each of your holiday card recipients. Whether you are adding angels to your new little one for grandma or devil horns for your best friend, you can make your cards come alive. The best thing is these story stickers are good for the planet. Made with 100% recycled material, Mother Nature will approve of these fun and festive additions to your cards.