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Celebrating Baby's First Christmas

Are you celebrating baby's first Christmas?

Your baby's first year will be full of milestones, and Christmas isn't an exception. Your first Christmas should be a magical moment that you'll look back on and cherish forever. It's as exciting as any baby announcements and birth announcements. But this year should focus less on gifts (your baby is growing so quickly) and more on memories. The time will go by so fast, so create things you can look back on. From baby Christmas cards to sharing baby's first holiday in a photobook. It's time for new Christmas traditions for baby, and for you as a family. Read on for our guide on celebrating baby's first Christmas to make the most of every precious moment.

Capture a Hand or Footprint

As well as being plain adorable, baby feet and hands are the perfect craft holiday decoration. You can make a sourdough ornament (flour, salt, and water) or you can use non-toxic paint with a baby print kit. You can frame it on the wall, or turn it into a Christmas tree decoration. It's something you can cherish as your baby grows, and share with them when they're older.

Mark Their Height

One of the best baby Christmas traditions to start is marking their height from year one. Use a piece of ribbon to measure their height, (you could go green, red, or gold for Christmas spirit). Roll it up, adding it into a clear tree ornament with a little glitter for some Christmas sparkle. Add a tag marking the date, age, and height. You can repeat this each year as your family grows, adding personalized decorations. It's even a tradition that your children could pass down to theirs when they're all grown up.

Wear Matching Family PJ's

No one can deny the cuteness of Christmas PJs, even more so when they're a matching family set. Find a family PJ set you like and put them on for a comfy family Christmas. Don't forget to take those goofy shots and some lovely ones for your baby album.

Put Some Small Slippers on Baby

Tiny toes will need tiny slippers to keep the chill off them, so get some adorable little slippers. For baby's first Christmas, they'll have a function but they'll soon outgrow them. When this happens, tie them together with a ribbon and use a tag to mark the date. This is another decoration that you can add to your tree for a personal touch and something you can pass down.

Buy a Special Photo Book

For baby's first holiday season, start your Christmas photo library early. Add a note into an empty photo space, with the date. Talk about what Santa got them, and what you did in the photos that will come next. Dedicate this photo book to Christmas only, filling it up each year with more great memories. Or fill the whole thing and get a new book for each year. 

Take a Slice From the Tree

For baby's first holidays, this is a great tradition to start if you only get real Christmas trees. At the end of the festive season, cut a small slice from the bottom of the trunk. You can add a little festive paint and make sure to mark this first one as baby's first Christmas with the date. It will make a great tree decoration, and start another tradition to continue year after year.

Make a Festive Blanket

At Christmas, everyone wants to be warm and cozy right? If you or a family member is good at sewing, make a family holiday blanket you can get out each year. Pick a festive design, and add a square for each member of the family, including baby. Make sure you could keep adding to it if you wanted to, and you could turn it into a generation quilt.

Take an Annual Photo

Like with personalized baby announcements you can put together baby Christmas cards. It's the perfect way to introduce baby to distant friends and relatives. And you'll give them something to cherish and keep too. As baby grows, you can turn this into an annual family tradition. Add in fancy dress or some silly-bad Christmas jumpers for your family photo. It's a tradition that's sure to bring a smile to all the people you hold dear.

Take a Photo You Can Only Do Once

To add to the memories of baby's first holidays take a picture you can only do while baby is small. You could place them in a gift box with the lid open and a big bow on their back for example. Or, you could place them in a cozy festive basket, under the tree, as they're the best present you could have hoped for. Get creative but be safe, and you'll have a cute memory (and something to show their first partner when you meet them!).

Make a Family Cookie Plate

As baby grows, they're going to get excited for Santa so be ready with a family cookie plate. After all, Santa likes to snack too right? Here, you could create a custom design with paint and fingerprints. Yours, your partners and baby's first, and any other family members you want to be involved. With room left, you can keep adding to it, and write names beneath each one.

Start the Stocking Tradition Early

While the freshest babes can't open their stockings yet, it's still the perfect time to set up this tradition. Especially if you want to personalize it. You can order personalized stockings online, or if you're crafty you can make your own. Keep it as festive as you like, or step away from traditional colors. But make sure you put baby's name on it as well as their date of birth at the least to make it truly special.

Make Baby's First Christmas One to Remember

So, there you have it! With these top ideas on how to celebrate baby's first Christmas, you're sure to have a magical time. Make this first Christmas about memories and settling into your new family life. It's a time to start the traditions you'll keep through their childhood. Who knows, you may even pass these traditions down to future generations. Take photos and make mementos to pass down too, and share your joy with those around you. At Paper Culture, we've got what you need to make your memories last a lifetime. Find the perfect card to celebrate your baby's first Christmas here!