10 Wedding Color Schemes That Inspire and Enrich Your Experience

It's no secret that wedding planning can be one of the most exciting, yet overwhelming, seasons of life. Between the cake and the caterer, the florist and the favors, there are many decisions to make and options to consider. One of the most exciting ones to think about? Your wedding colors! The shades you select for your big day can directly influence the way it looks and feels. Are you looking to evoke a happy and carefree vibe? What about an elegant and formal one?

Thankfully, there's no right or wrong answer! Today, we're diving into some of the most popular wedding color schemes to help inspire your decision. Read on to discover the time-honored combinations we're loving and the easy ways to incorporate them throughout your event. 

1. Black and White (With a Twist)
Looking for a classic and classy wedding color palette? You can't go wrong with simple black and white. Instantly chic and a cinch to coordinate, this is a look that you'll never regret. While we adore these two paired together on their own, you can always punch it up a little by incorporating delicate touches of color. For the most natural effect, draw inspiration from your venue. For instance, if your wedding is outdoors, add some greenery to your tablescapes! Try to blend pale tones (succulents, eucalyptus) with more vibrant ones (ferns) for a gorgeous, eye-catching mix. You can also add in various shades of black and white, including creams and grays, to keep the environment from looking too stark. 

2. Yellow and Orange
Are you planning a spring wedding? Pay instant homage to this bright and beautiful season with a happy blend of citrus-inspired hues! Though they're similarly toned, yellow and orange actually play very well together, especially if you include a wide spectrum of shades. To avoid drenching the event in blinding light, use these colors in strategic spots, and keep the backdrop relatively simple. For example, add a mason jar of daffodils and orange gerbera daisies to your tables, but keep the tablecloths neutral. Or, use a bold yellow font on your wedding invitations, leaving plenty of white space all around. The key is to let these accessories and accents do all of the talking, but none of the shouting.

3. Purple and Crimson
In recent years, there has been an uptick in happy couples holding their weddings at wineries. Gorgeous natural landscapes, on-trend rustic venues, and plenty of vino, all within arms reach? It's easy to see why these spots are so popular! In this case, deep purple and rich crimson give a playful nod to the variety of grapes growing nearby. You can also mix in shades of light green or white to offset the darker hues. With their moody pigments, these two colors would also be ideal for a fall wedding! Want to get the party started early? Send out our purple rose Save the Date cards! The wine-drenched shade sets the perfect stage for an evening spent under the vines.

4. Pale Blue and Chartreuse
A fun blend of yellow and green, chartreuse might be a bold and vibrant shade, but don't let that scare you away! When paired with a more subdued color, like pale blue, it adds just the right touch of personality to your wedding. Try reserving the boldest tones for your accent pieces, such as bouquets, tabletop greenery, and bridesmaid jewelry. You can even wrap your wedding invitations with this charming chartreuse belly band! Then, use pale blue as a soothing base color everywhere else. From your dresses to your table runners, it's a surprising neutral that offsets any brightness with delicate sophistication. 

5. Peaches and Cream 
Few color combinations work as well as soft, sweet peach and warm, beigey cream. Just like digging into a heaping bowl of this favorite summertime dish, the palette is deliciously simple and satisfying. Both of these shades are subdued enough to work as neutrals, but also make a grand impression as highlight pieces. From your groomsmen's peony boutonnieres to the garden roses in your bouquet, it's easy to incorporate a light-washed peach hue into your special day. Then, use creamy tones to help those pieces stand out. For a visual example of how well these two pair together, check out these envelope liners. Against the soft white of the paper, the peachy coral liner can't help but demand attention. 

6. Navy and Gold
When it comes to choosing the perfect colors for your wedding, it's all about balance. That's why we're crazy about blending together serious, refined navy blue with fun and glitzy gold! To add a touch of old-world charm, avoid the too-shiny gold reminiscent of those early 1990s fixtures. Instead, keep the gold antiqued and rustic, even swapping in time-worn brass where it's appropriate. This is also an ideal time to bring out those beloved heirloom accessories from your grandparents, including oversized gold mirrors, ornate headpieces, and other accents. Place these metallic items around your venue and use navy as an anchor color. How beautiful would deep blue bridesmaid dresses look with gold lockets? Our Confetti of Joy wedding menus are another fun way to incorporate this theme throughout the event.

7. Magenta and Yellow
If red is feeling too overpowering and pink too playful, magenta is the perfect middle ground. It's bold but not brassy and sweet but not precious. It also works gorgeously with sunshine yellow, delivering some serious summertime vibes. Use the yellow on your larger surfaces, such as tablecloths and dresses. Then, add in touches of magenta where you need a striking touch of color. Our favorite way to incorporate this lively hue? Bougainvillea blooms! If you live in a mild climate where it's easily found, add sprigs of this magenta flower to your bouquets, boutonnieres, and tablescapes. You can also find roses, hydrangeas, and azaleas in similar shades.

8. Coral and Caledon
When you're planning a holiday wedding, it's easy to gravitate toward two traditional colors: red and green. While this pair is iconic and timeless in its own right, it doesn't take much to freshen it up and modernize it. For a December event, the peachy undertones of coral blend perfectly with the soothing shade of Caledon green. This is a sweet way to give a nod to the season without going over the top. You can also use this combination for a beachside wedding, as these two colors are commonly found along the shoreline! If you're looking to step outside of the standard "beachy" blues and whites, this is a memorable alternative. 

9. Bright Red and Aqua
Want to stand out from the crowd and give your guests an experience they'll never forget? Deck out your wedding venue with elements of cheerful, bright red and playful aqua! Though they couldn't be farther apart on the color wheel, these two colors are a match made in heaven. They're also an easy and fun way to tastefully incorporate a little retro appeal into your special day. Swipe on some classic red lipstick and don your favorite aqua or turquoise jewelry. You can even add a wow factor by sliding on a pair of aqua pumps under your dress! This colorscape works well for almost any wedding and can go beachy, boho, traditional or ultra-modern depending on your stylistic touches.

10. Goldenrod Yellow and Gray 
Recently, gray has made the impressive leap from forgettable to vivid. No longer does this soft hue blend boringly into the background. Rather, it's started to take center stage and we're here for it. When used strategically, gray can be refreshingly cool and inviting. It also acts as a beautiful complement to rich, deep yellow. While brighter, more sunshiney shades pair better with light-colored pinks and reds, goldenrod goes perfectly with gray. Of course, a goldenrod bouquet is a given, but don't stop there! Look for other ways to weave this classic hue into your day. From napkins and place cards to bowties and desserts, it's impossible to over-saturate with such a soft tone. Meanwhile, gray suits, silverware, and accent pieces help tie it all together.

Let These Wedding Color Schemes Brighten Your Big Day
While it's easy to get wrapped up in the tiny details of your wedding, the planning process doesn't have to stress you out. The key to a fun and fulfilling journey is to keep your personal tastes at the center. No matter where your preferences lie, there are wedding color schemes out there to accommodate them. From bright and cheery to deep and rich, the options are nearly endless, limited only by your imagination. When you're ready to start tying in all of the elements of your big day, we'd love to help. We offer a range of paper products perfect for every stage of wedding planning, from save the dates to thank-you cards. Feel free to check out more in our online shop and contact us with any questions!