Your Simple Guide to Sustainable Wedding Favors

Did you know that an average wedding accumulates around 400 pounds of garbage and at least 63 tons of carbon dioxide? That's why it's important to use eco-friendly products when possible. One of the easiest ways to do so is through your wedding favors! In fact, with this guide, you can choose the best sustainable wedding favors for your wedding. From seed packets to succulents, you can select which favor represents both you and your guests the best.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here's the insider scoop on eco-friendly wedding favors:

Seed Packets
Seed packets are an adorable favor that adds that special touch to any wedding. Since they're customizable, you can choose which flower seeds best represent you and your wedding. You can even choose multiple flower seeds to hand out if you like. Also, each packet will come with instructions so guests will know exactly what to do. When the flowers blossom, they'll remind guests of your joyous wedding celebration.

Edible Treats
A great way to personalize any wedding is to honor the location. You can do so by purchasing treats locally instead of buying from online retailers in bulk.
Not only will it decrease your carbon footprint, but your guests will enjoy the scrumptious taste of locally sourced ingredients. Not to mention you'll also be supporting local businesses! For example, if you were getting married in Key West, share a slice of Key Lime Pie with each guest for a traditional taste of the sunshine state. However, don't forget to wrap each treat in recyclable or reusable packaging.

Eco-Friendly Candles
Candles are a perfect favor to hand out to your friends and family. After all, guests can enjoy them after your wedding day! However, some candles contain chemical additives that can be harmful to the planet. Thus, make sure to purchase eco-friendly products that are made without the toxic additives. In fact, most eco-friendly candles are made out of soy wax. Some even feature essential oils like vanilla, peppermint, and lavender, which have many health benefits. For example, essential oils can improve relaxation and help in relieving stress.

Reusable Water Bottles
Historically, water bottles have been a popular choice for wedding favors and for good reason too. It's important to make sure your guests are happy and hydrated- especially if you have an open bar. Since they minimize plastic waste, they're perfect to give to your friends and family. After all, guests can fill the bottle up and bring it with them anywhere, making it a useful and practical gift. Also, you can have the bottle personalized with each guest's initials, your wedding hashtag, or just a generalized statement.
Since personalized gifts add a special connection to the item, think about how you want to personalize it. Instead of writing a phrase, you can have an image drawn on the bottle or use colors to depict its significance.

Reusable Bags
Reusable bags are a great gift because they inspire real eco-friendly change in your guest's daily lives. With this bag, guests can decrease waste by ditching single-use plastic and using reusable bags!Just make sure you purchase a tote bag for guests. That way, it's large enough to fit any supplies needed. Also, make sure it's materials make it long-lasting and durable to hold heavy objects. That way, guests can use it to transport groceries, carry lunch, and run errands.

Bamboo Straws
Bamboo straws are a cute gift to hand out to your wedding guests. It's a thoughtful favor that lasts long after any wedding celebration. In fact, it can help guests reduce the number of single-use plastic straws they use during their daily routine. For an added bonus: you can even engrave the straw with a personal note, a thank you, or the guest's name. That way, the favor is given a personal touch.

Fair Trade Coffee
"Fair Trade" is defined as fair for everyone, including the planet. Companies that have a fair trade stamp have to ensure that they're sourcing products sustainably, by minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption. Guests will love fair trade coffee beans for their fresh and original taste. You can even package them in a customizable paper bag made out of recyclable paper to add a special touch to each favor.

Air Plant
Air plants are too cute not to purchase as a gift for guests. In fact, they're perfect to hand out as a little decoration. Since air plants require little water, they make for a great addition to any room. Plus, for an added bonus, adding a houseplant to any room will increase air quality. Thus, you can encourage guests to place them in rooms that might be a little stuffy or steamy to receive the best result.

Succulents are beloved for their eco-friendly nature. They're small and completely adorable. Not to mention they can brighten up any room!
Also, they're easy to take care of. In fact, they don't require a lot of water, making them a great wedding favor that your guests will definitely want to take home.

Purchase Sustainable Wedding Favors Today
Sustainable wedding favors add a special touch to any wedding. Since they promote zero-waste, they encourage guests to participate in being environmentally friendly. You can hand out bamboo straws, reusable bags, seed packets, or choose something else entirely. Just remember when wrapping treats, candles, or even coffee beans, make sure to use recyclable or reusable packaging. That way, the entire favor is eco-friendly. If you're interested in other sustainable products, check out our amazing line of sustainable wedding invitations!