Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Date

If your partner recently popped the million-dollar question, congratulations! Now that you're engaged, there's no such thing as starting your wedding planning ''too early''. In fact, the earlier you start, the simpler your wedding planning will be for you both. This being said, try not to jump at the first wedding date you agree on -- there are a few factors to consider first. This guide outlines what you may need to keep in mind before choosing the perfect wedding date, so read on for more. 

1. Consider Symbolic Occasions When Choosing a Wedding Date
If you and your partner are quite sentimental and romantic, you may want to consider symbolic dates that have special meaning to you both. For example, many couples choose to marry on the date they first met or a grandparent's wedding anniversary. Some cultures even use a specific calendar to choose a date filled with good fortune and prosperity. Sure, you may not be able to marry on the exact date -- perhaps the date falls on a Monday or your venue is already booked out? But you could pick the closest day to your special date and it will still hold meaning for you both. Be sure to share the significance of your wedding date when sending out your save the date invitations or on your ceremony welcoming cards so that your guests get a true feel for the sentimentality of your wedding day.

2. Pick the Right Season to Suit the Wedding You Want
Seasonal weather patterns are one of the most important wedding date considerations. Depending on the type and style of wedding you want, the season you choose plays a huge role in portraying this. Not-to-mention, seasons are characterized by their weather. So don't choose cold, wet, and windy winter if you want an outdoor wedding. If you want to have a tropical-inspired wedding, then spring or summer is your best seasonal choice. If you want a cozy, intimate, country-style wedding, fall is a good season. Consider seasonal foliage and flowers too. You'll pay extra for flowers that are out-of-season, so choose a season that bears the wedding flowers you want in order to save your wedding budget!

3. Your Budget May Dictate Your Wedding Date
Remember that there are popular times of the year to get married, and these months generally include June, September, and October. ''Wedding season'' is an expensive time of year to get married, there's no other way to put it. The cost of venue hire, caterers, and other wedding vendors tends to increase dramatically. So if you're restricted by a smaller budget, you may want to choose a wedding date outside of this busy season. The best shoulder season months include January, March, and November.

4. Consider Important National Holidays
This is another factor that could impact your wedding budget. Many couples choose to get married during festive seasons throughout the year -- Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July. While it may add extra fan-fare to your wedding day, bear in mind that venues and vendors may charge extra over these holidays, especially if it falls over a long weekend. The upside of hosting your wedding over a national holiday is that your out-of-town guests may be able to attend!

5. Consider the Schedules of Special Guests
Your wedding is yours, and yours alone. It's about you and your partner -- you shouldn't have to bend over backward to please everybody. But there are a few special people you may want to consider when choosing a wedding date. These guests include your closest family members, your bride and groom party members, and other honor attendants. Essentially, the people that you really want at your wedding! Make sure your wedding date fits in with their schedules and consider how far they may have to travel to reach you. Keep it simple and don't fall down a rabbit hole trying to please everyone -- just those most important to you.

6. Choose the Right Day of the Week
Hands down, Saturday is the most popular day of the week to get married. Consequently, this drives up the price of wedding venues and other wedding vendors. If you're adamant about getting married on a Saturday, remember that you may have to pay a premium to reserve your venue for the Saturday spot. If you're a little more flexible about the day of the week, why not get married on a Friday, Sunday or even mid-week? This can save you heaps of money, but could also impact how many people actually attend your wedding. So weigh your options carefully.

7. Remember to Avoid Certain Dates
There are certain times of the year that just aren't convenient for a wedding. So it's important to remember these dates and avoid them if possible. The weekend before tax day is a good time of year to avoid as it's a busy and stressful period for most people. Naturally, don't plan your wedding around a busy, time-strapped period in your career. If you're a business owner, don't plan your wedding before a new product launch or during tax season. If you're renovating your home or business, don't add the stress of wedding planning to your plate. Your religion may also dictate certain times of the year that are off-limits. As a general rule-of-thumb, Christmas Day is a no-no as well!

8. Pick a Date Based on Your Honeymoon
If you dream of having your wedding and jetting off on your honeymoon the day after, then you'll need to choose a wedding date the coincides with your travel dates. Don't do it the other way around and set your wedding date, first. Think of it this way: if you plan on traveling to the Far East, but want to avoid the rainy season from July-October, don't plan your wedding during this time. Aim for a spring wedding so you can avoid those monsoons!

9. Send Out Save-the-Date Invitations Early On
Once you've decided on your wedding date, don't delay on sending out your save the date to your guests. This is a courtesy to them so that they can plan accordingly, with plenty of time to be there. This also gives them the chance to lock in the date and not plan anything else around this time. This way you can be assured you've given your guests enough time to organize and celebrate your special day together.