Remember the days long gone when play time consisted of card games such as Slap Jack, or a matching game like Memory, as opposed to parking in front of a computer or the television? Well, never fear, reminiscent ones! Paper Culture is bringing back that childhood favorite Memory Game that you always try to get your kids to play. Except we are kicking it up a notch and making it super unique by letting you add your personal touch. How so? Well, our customizable Memory Game lets you personalize each Memory Game tile with your own photos! Kids and adults alike will delight in seeing goofy smiles or good times at your favorite summer vacation spot. All you have to do is upload sixteen different photos, and you will receive two of each game tile. The objective of the game is to find the matching tiles. This matching game is a fun activity to play with your children, and not only that – this game will help them learn by improving their memory skills! Educational games aid in the learning process by making it fun and memorable. Kids will feel like they are playing, as opposed to learning! Like we mentioned before, not only kids will make this Memory Game their go-to free time game, but adults will enjoy the game as well. The Memory Game makes a great gift, and your parents will jump for joy when they see each clever tile and wonderful photo of their beautiful grandkids. Girls’ Night will be made more hilarious with laugh-out-loud games that display all the wacky times you and your best friends spent together. And to think, all it takes are your favorite photographs and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.