I grew up in Livermore, California. There it is brown and dry but every summer we went camping in Yosemite where it is green, lush, and beautiful. When I grew up, I lived in Yosemite and later in Lake Tahoe. These places are at the core of my inspiration. Thundering waterfalls, majestic cliffs, and towering pine trees. I love to photograph nature and capture these scenes dramatically lit during storms or at dawn and dusk. Many of my illustrations also feature elements from these mountain scenes. When my daughter was little, we became interested in Japanese animation. This led to an intense interest in the people and culture of Japan. We studied Japanese and traveled there a few times to explore this beautiful, mysterious land. Now, Japanese imagery, both modern and traditional, is a major influence in my work. I love the cheerful, colorful graphics on all of the Japanese packaging and advertisements so my work often reflects this bold, clean style. http://christycreate.com