Smallest Circle is 1.2" Largest Circle is 11.9"
$49.99 ea
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Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble. From Shakespeare’s witches’ brew bubbles forth a world of colors and photos limited only by your imagination. For this brew is one that conjures up some magic for your room. The fun is that you can place the circles in any arrangement you want, so that your brew will always be different from the other witches’ brews. The circles range in size from 1.2 inches to almost 11.9 inches. Your circle bubbles will be printed on fabric decals that have a little magic of their own. The magic is the water based adhesive that is both removable and repositionable without any PVCs or phthalates. We’ll even conjure up some good juju by planting a tree with every order.

Removable & Repositionable Fabric Wall Decal; Material contains No Vinyl, No PVCs & No Phthalates
Application Instructions
Apply to clean, dry & smooth walls. Wait at least 2 weeks prior to applying to freshly-painted walls.
Packaged in a kraft mailing tube
$49.99 ea
$8.99 flat-rate for Ground delivery, for any quantity of decals

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