Introducing: The Reversible Box

Paper Culture's Reversible Box

We created our Reversible Box as a celebration of the power of trees.  Just as we plant a tree for you with every order, with these seeds, you, too, can plant a tree. The Reversible Box is made from recycled cardboard and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks. The outside of the box is much more than just pretty typography, it's a reminder of the true impact of trees. Reverse each box and you have a second box that is limited in use only by your imagination. Tell us how you've unleashed your imagination and how you use your #ReversibleBox.

Step 1 - Untuck the flaps

1. Untuck Each Inner Flap Open

Put pressure on the bottom of the box while pulling up with the two finger holes. Turn the box around to the other side and repeat.

Step 2 - Open flaps

2. Open Flaps and Flatten Out the Box

Fully open the box by unfolding the flaps and flattening the box.

Step 3 - Tuck the flaps

3. Flip Box and Fold Inner Flaps

Flip the box over so that the tree pattern is on the outside and the text on the inside. Fold all four inner flaps into the middle of the box.

Step 4 - Tuck the flaps

4. Wrap Side Flaps Over Inner Flaps

Flip the side flaps over both inner flaps and tuck the top of the side flap into the holes in the bottom of the box.

Step 5 - Tuck the flaps

5. Tuck the Top Flaps Into the Box

The lid of the box has two sets of flaps. The side flaps get tucked on the inside of the box and the front flaps get tucked into the front of the box.

Step 6 - Reversed

6. Dream Up Fun Ways to Use Your #ReversibleBox

We're realistic, your shipping label (which you might have peeled off) isn't going to fool someone that this is a new box, but we hope you'll embrace the reusable box. Use it for a new gift so you can tell the story of how proud you are to be reducing waste. Use it for storage. Or even better, dream up something new and make sure you tell us what you did. That's the fun of the #ReversibleBox.