Graduation Planning

Memorable Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation is an exciting milestone, whether you are celebrating the graduate-to-be or you are the graduate! Since this momentous event tends to be a cause of a big celebration, we put together some fun ideas that will make your event fun for your families and friends, as well as memorable for years to come.

High School and College Graduation Party Decor

Your child's high graduation is an especially joyous occasion. The road to get here was long and very difficult, and you should make sure your graduate knows that you appreciate and respect the effort they have put in. You can easily show off the great times your child has had through the years using photos (which we all have plenty of these days).

A creative way to show off these great photo memories is a real photo tree. Use strings of clear lights to lead your guests to trees filled with memories. Tie some string around a tree and use close pins or paper clips to place photos around the tree. On the last tree, tie the string and place clips, but do not place any photos. Instead, hang one of the graduation announcements on the tree. Give your guests cameras that allow them to print up photos on the spot, and they can fill up this last tree with new memories.

Give your guests something a little more substantial to pose with by giving them a graduation-themed photo wall. You will need three large chalkboards or pieces wood painted with chalkboard paint They must be large enough to leave room above guests heads. Now, you can either use chalk to create a personal graduation photo wall or give your grad and friends the chance to make something to call their own using a variety of chalk colors.

Graduation Party Extras

Knowing that you're done with school and finally heading out into the big bad world can be downright scary. Help ease this stress by giving your grad all kinds of helpful advice - and then some. Make 'advice cards' using fun stationery that matches your graduation invitations and party theme. Tell your guests to leave the person of honor one bit of great advice for the future - then have them read each one out loud.

The guestbook is a time-honored tradition that can be spiced up for a new generation. Instead of a traditional book, leave a set of wooden building blocks on a table with your graduation party invitations, a marker, and a sign. On the sign, ask your guests help build a strong future using memory blocks of the past by either writing a fond memory or greeting or to simply sign it.

There are so many fun ideas to explore from graduation party decor to graduation party favors.