Illustration donated by Christine Park

Khymi R has planted a tree in honor of My loving grandparents

You have given me so much, and I hope that the planting of a new life, this tree, will allow me to give a little back to you.

Khymi R
Illustration donated by Christine Park

Fun Tree Facts

  • Earth’s forest are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.
    World Bank
  • One tree that shades your home in the city will also save fossil fuel, cutting CO2 buildup as much as 15 forest trees.
    Arbor Day Foundation pamphlet #90980005
  • The death of one 70-year old tree would return over three tons of carbon to the atmosphere.
    International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

Why Paper Culture Plants Trees

  • We’re a paper company: moreso than most, trees are truly our business
  • We ALWAYS use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and/or alternative renewable fibers like cotton or bamboo which means our cards do not result in the cutting down of any new trees, however, that simply means that we do no harm to trees. We wanted to take it one step further by actively contributing to reforestation by planting trees.
  • Honestly, as founders, we knew we wanted to do something on a consistent basis and it was as simple as, we all just love trees!
  • Trees do amazing things - check out our list of tree facts