Illustration donated by Helen Yang Terpstra

Dana F has planted a tree in honor of Bradley + Company

Thank you for an incredible year! It has been a joy to be part of this team!

Dana F
Illustration donated by Helen Yang Terpstra

Fun Tree Facts

  • A single rubber tree yields an average of about 4-5 pounds of rubber per year.
  • Deforestation of rainforests could account for the loss of 100 species a day.
    United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF)
  • Over 25% of modern medicines find their origin from tropical forest plants.
    United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF)

Why Paper Culture Plants Trees

  • We’re a paper company: moreso than most, trees are truly our business
  • We ALWAYS use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and/or alternative renewable fibers like cotton or bamboo which means our cards do not result in the cutting down of any new trees, however, that simply means that we do no harm to trees. We wanted to take it one step further by actively contributing to reforestation by planting trees.
  • Honestly, as founders, we knew we wanted to do something on a consistent basis and it was as simple as, we all just love trees!
  • Trees do amazing things - check out our list of tree facts