Color Calendar Wall Decal

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20 Squares, Each Measures 4.9" x 4.9"
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  • Description

    At first glance, this is a colorful calendar. But unlike most calendars, this one is interactive and we’re not talking about the excitement of flipping one page each month. With this colorful calendar sticker, each month and each photo is its own 4.9 inch square. Arrange them in any way you want on the wall. If you change your mind, move them. You can do that because each photo wall decal square is both removable and repositionable. These calendars make great gifts and can be used at home, in an office, at school or just about anyplace else there’s a wall. Unlike other wall decals, these decals are made from fabric, not vinyl. Our favorite part: we’ll plant a tree for you with every order placed.

  • Details
    Removable & Repositionable Fabric Wall Decal; Material contains No Vinyl, No PVCs & No Phthalates
    Application Instructions
    Apply to clean, dry & smooth walls. Wait at least 2 weeks prior to applying to freshly-painted walls.
    Packaged in a kraft mailing tube
    $49.99 ea
    $8.99 flat-rate for Ground delivery, for any quantity of decals
  • Designer

    Paper Culture

    At Paper Culture our creative inspiration has three core pillars: strikingly unique modern design, ultimate convenience for our users and environmental responsibility. The three pillars work in tandem toward a common purpose of offering you, our customers, a fresh voice for modern stationery.