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Founded by actor and humanitarian Sean Penn, J/P HRO began its work just hours after the earthquake hit. Through his previous relief efforts — including experience rescuing hurricane victims and helping to rebuild New Orleans after hurricane Katrina — he had amassed a large network of emergency management and government contacts, whom he mobilized to take immediate action in Haiti. From J/P HROʼs very first days on the ground it was recognized as an agile and effective organization that spent its resources effectively. A year later, J/P HROʼs influence and achievements have increased significantly, precisely because the organization has maintained an agility and effective implementation of resources that maximizes impact and results for the Haitian people. J/P HROʼs goal is to help lift the nation of Haiti out of the rubble and give the Haitian people a better life. Our organization is dedicated to empowering Haitians to return to their previous lives, and to realize a more promising future. We envision a Haiti where a stable and sustainable standard of living can be achieved without dependence on outside organizations. J/P HRO employs nearly 300 staff, more than 90% of which are local Haitians. As the next phase of work in Haiti unfolds, we strive to continue to be leaders—finding new and more efficient ways of bringing relief and empowerment to the people of Haiti.