Colorful Blocks Photo Wall Decals

Each Photo Measures 6.6" x 6.6" Block Sizes Range from 3.2" to 9.5" Wide
$79.99 ea
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When your room needs some color to bring it to life, look no further than these photo and color blocks. The size of the blocks vary, but each photo measures 6.3 x 6.3 inches. Whether you played too many video games like Tetris as a child or found yourself always longing for the biggest, baddest Lego set, these colorful blocks should speak to you. The fun of this photo wall decal set is that you can assemble them in any combination of shapes and directions you want. You can even change it each day since the decals are removable and repositionable. Not to mention that you can feel good that these are NOT vinyl, but fabric, and therefore have no PVCs and no phthalates. If that’s not enough, we’ll plant a tree for you with every purchase.

Removable & Repositionable Fabric Wall Decal; Material contains No Vinyl, No PVCs & No Phthalates
Application Instructions
Apply to clean, dry & smooth walls. Wait at least 2 weeks prior to applying to freshly-painted walls.
Packaged in a kraft mailing tube
$79.99 ea
$8.99 flat-rate for Ground delivery, for any quantity of decals

Joe Tomminger

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