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If you’re looking for the ultimate wall décor, Paper Culture’s unique photo wall art will be the highlight of any room. After all, how many people can boast of having wall art made from bamboo adorning the walls of their house, and bringing color and character to the otherwise drab walls? Every piece of art is mounted on an eco-friendly bamboo panel and anyone can hang it in just minutes with our pre–drilled, easy–centering hole. The beautiful sides of the bamboo panel are exposed giving your wall a unique and organic look that is sure to be a hit. To sum it all up, our personalized bamboo wall art is unique, eco-friendly, modern, and easy to display! If that is not enough to convince you that these are must-have’s, then perhaps we should let our designs do all the talking. Select from our range of modern designs, such as bold and geometric birds or a simple, darling baby stroller that would be perfect for your baby’s nursery walls. And to make it even more special than it already is, create a photo wall art! Many of the designs include the ability to personalize your art with your own photo, name, or custom phrase. Perhaps you want to display the black and white photo of your grandparents in their teenage years in your living room, for all to see. Or maybe your son wants his own personal wall art in his room that claims, “Dylan’s Room”! Wherever your personalization takes you, you will instantly feel the quality of the heavyweight bamboo. You can feel good about your purchase, because bamboo is one of the fastest growing, most renewable plants on the planet.