Birthday Photo Books

Birthday Photo Book Gift Ideas

Getting your photos printed used to be a big deal. Any time there was a family gathering, like a birthday party, someone was always snapping photos on a digital or disposable camera, and a few days later they'd take it to be developed and then put them into a birthday photo album. These days, getting photos developed is a thing of the past. Our photos typically live on our devices, get shared once on social media, and then get forgotten about.

We may live in a digital world, but personalized birthday photo books are still a great gift idea. There's still nothing like seeing and holding a photo in print. Having physical copies of your photos around your home means you see them more and get to relive your best memories over and over again.

The New Scrapbook
Families used to spend hours creating scrapbooks of their printed photos, but now there's a better way to preserve your memories and still see your images in the flesh: custom photo books with Paper Culture.

Birthdays are special events that should be remembered, from the dance party to the cake cutting and everything in between. Especially in this year of virtual parties and not seeing our loved ones, we want to look back on celebrations from the past.

Give your family members beautiful custom-made birthday photo books that they'll cherish forever.

Custom Birthday Photo Books: The Perfect Gift
Digital photo books offer style that old photo albums can't. With a photo book, you have complete creative control with endless customization options so that your book can look exactly how you want it. You can choose from a variety of different templates from Paper Culture to make the creation process simple. A customer favorite is the flat-lay style photo book, which provides a contemporary look that's much easier to flip through than bulky photo albums. They are beautiful additions to any coffee table or bookshelf, making them the perfect gift. Giving a gift with a personal touch will mean even more. Nothing says, "I see you" like a customized gift.

Your loved ones will value flipping through the pages and reliving past birthdays when surrounded by their favorite people was a normal occurrence. They'll cherish the photos of their nearest and dearest, who they haven't seen as much this year. Knowing the time and care you put into creating it just for them will also make it extra special.

Who Is This Gift For?
Photo books are a gift that anyone would love. Here are a couple of ideas for who you could make a birthday photo book for this year:

Your children: make a birthday book of photos through the years as they've grown up
Your elderly parents or grandparents: give them a time capsule of past birthday pictures so they can relive their best memories
Your friends: make sure they remember everything about their last milestone birthday with a photo book documenting the whole event
Your parents: team up with your siblings to create a photo book of all of the themed family birthdays through the years at roller rinks and bowling alleys
Your spouse: create a book of the last birthday trip you took together so they can relive it in an instant
The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: this could be the most special gift you've ever given.

How to Make a Custom Birthday Photo Album With Paper Culture
Creating a photo book with Paper Culture is easy and convenient. No need for scissors, tape, glue sticks, craft supplies, or anything else besides your photos and your computer. In the end, you'll have a gorgeous product for a fraction of the time and the mess of old-fashioned photo albums.

Choose a custom cover based on the style you want, then choose your occasion and the type of album cover. Then click Personalize. You'll be taken to the Editor, which is where you'll upload your photos from your computer and start customizing. Before you begin, choose your photos and gather them all into one folder. If you have a bunch of physical photos that you want to digitize so you can add them to your book, follow this guide to keep everything organized.

Once your photos are uploaded, you can start dragging them onto the pages of the album or use the autofill feature. You can change the layout of the pages, the backgrounds, and even add filters to your photos. This is the fun part where you get to be creative or use our layouts to guide you.

If you need any help while you're creating, you can take a tour of the program or hop on our live chat service to ask any questions. You can save your work at any time and come back to it. Your book will be saved under the ‘Saved for Later’ section in your cart. Once your book is perfect, you'll move on to the ordering process. The end product will be a gorgeous, professional-looking photo album that your loved one will treasure for years.

Give a Gift With Meaning
Whether you can be with your loved ones this year or not, customized birthday photo books will let them know how much you care about them. With Paper Culture, you'll be choosing a gift that helps the planet as well by using sustainable materials, offsetting any carbon footprint, and planting a tree with every order.