Wedding Photo Books

7 Reasons You Should Make a Wedding Photo Book

On average, couples spend around $2400 on wedding photography and it's usually 10-12% of the overall wedding budget. So what do you do with those pictures after the wedding? You probably post them on social media, frame some and hang them around your house, print some to mount in a photo album, and maybe print a large canvas or two.

But then what? While we can get to those photos with just a few clicks, the better option is a wedding photo book that you can pick up and look at any time. A professionally printed and bound photo book makes a beautiful and meaningful coffee table book to display. 

Still not convinced? Read on for seven reasons why you should strongly consider printing a wedding photo book. 

1. It Is Something Tangible You Can Touch
Touching and holding your photo book evokes feelings that just aren't possible with electronic photos or those hanging on your wall or sitting on your shelves. The power of human touch has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and the ability to touch your photos and flip through the pages can have the same calming effect. 

Think about cleaning out your closet or an old box of mementos and how you can just sit and get lost in the old notes and letters, cards, photos, and other tangible things from your past or the past of your loved ones. It's much more emotional than scrolling through your Instagram photos.  

2. It Forces You to Pick Your Favorites
If your wedding photographer did their job, you should have hundreds of photos of your big day. By creating an album, you can curate your favorite photos. It also gives you the opportunity to have all of your favorites printed and collated together, giving you the chance to see many more of your favorite photos in print. 

You only have so much wall or shelf space for printed photos, so putting them all in a book gives you a compilation of the most meaningful pictures and details from your wedding. You can include detail photos of your dress, shoes, jewelry, rings, flowers, and reception decor. These photos might not work hanging in your home but will bring your book together 

3. It Tells Your Wedding Day Story
Think about the story that your wedding day tells. Whether you marry your high school sweetheart, whom you've known for a decade, or someone you have a whirlwind romance with, your wedding day and everything leading up to it is your story. 

Your wedding and relationship is a huge part of your life's story, so don't fail to document it. You can even get free assistance from a designer to create 

4. You Can Hand It Down Through Generations
Just as your wedding is the story of your love for one another, you can also share your story with generations to come. If you have children, they'll likely want to see pictures and hear the story of your wedding day. Sitting with your kids and going through your wedding album is much more memorably than scrolling through pictures on your phone or clicking through photo albums stored on your computer. 

When you and your partner pass away, your children and family members can look back at your wedding album with fond memories. 

5. It's A Memorable Gift for Others 
Not only will you love a photo book to display in your home, but your parents and grandparents will also love a printed photo book of your wedding day. A photo book makes a memorable and personalized Christmas gift for your parents, especially if they were an integral part in planning and paying for your wedding. Choose photos that will be most memorable to them and write a nice note in the front of the album before you present them with it.  

6. Digital Pictures Aren't Guaranteed
Whether you have your pictures saved on an external hard drive, your desktop, a flash drive, or a web or cloud-based photo storage service, there's always the potential that you lose the external storage holding your photos or the web or cloud hosting service goes out of business or loses your photos. 

Nothing electronic is guaranteed, so having printed backups is a smart way to ensure you'll never lose your photos. 

7. It's Something to Share With Family and Friends
Sitting with your family and friends to go through your photo book together is much more special than them scrolling through your pictures on their phone or computer at home. If you have family members or friends who couldn't attend, being able to page through the book together at your next holiday get together will be a nice way to point out details and talk about the day with those who couldn't be there. 

Start Your Wedding Photo Book Today 
We hope these reasons have convinced you that a beautiful, printed wedding photo book is the way to go. A photo book provides photos that are better preserved and is accessible any time you are feeling nostalgic and want to flip through your wedding photos. If you're ready to order, take a look at the different photo books we offer. Whether you're looking for something simple, classic, or modern, we've got an option for you. Best yet, Paper Culture's sustainable wedding photo books will help, not hurt the planet. Not only do you get a beautiful photo book, but our company also plants a tree for every order that is placed. Paper Culture is committed to reforestation in areas where it is most needed.