Party Glasses

6" x 4.3" with rounded corners

Have you studied for your bar exam? And we’re not asking about the one that involves judges! If you’re throwing a party and there’s going to be libations of all types served in glasses – this is the party invitation for you. Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s party, a 21st birthday party or you’re just looking for an excuse to get your groove on, these party invitations are sure to be a hit. And if the hangover doesn’t get you, you’ll appreciate that your invitations are printed on 100% recycled paper and we’ll plant a tree to help ease your conscience for anything that may or may not happen during your party.

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Card Type:
Flat card, round corners. Free custom back option.
Card Size:
6 x 4.3 inches
130lb premium matte-feel 100% recycled paper
Premium 100% recycled envelopes included
Delivery Options:
Mailed For You
Free (pay only the stamps)
Shipped To You
$8.99 flat-rate (via Ground)
Price Per Card:

Wayne Tang

Having worked as an engineer before, I am particularly drawn to structures and patterns that incorporate an internal logic. Palindromes, sudoku, new architectures in Beijing and Dubai, the Fibonacci patterns appearing in artichokes and sunflower florets... all amaze and inspire me. I think designs that integrate such kind of structures have the power to draw people in and give them an “aha” moment, allowing them to better appreciate the designs.

Party Glasses – the Ultimate Party Invitations - Ebony