Bah Bah White Sheep

6" x 4.3" with rounded corners

Bah Bah White Sheep have you any … wait, is that not how the nursery rhyme goes? Well, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr, we hope that our children (and sheep) will be judged not by the color their skin (or wool) but by the content of their character. So embrace the new world with these birth announcements that are the farthest thing away from political rhetoric – they’re just plain cute (but then again, we’re biased). They will be printed on new world approved, 100% post consumer recycled paper – so even if your newborn isn’t going to be marching in DC, their announcement will start off on a very PC note!

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Card Type:
Flat card, round corners. Free custom back option.
Card Size:
6 x 4.3 inches
130lb premium matte-feel 100% recycled paper
Premium 100% recycled envelopes included
Delivery Options:
Mailed For You
Free (pay only the stamps)
Shipped To You
$8.99 flat-rate (via Ground)
Price Per Card:

Hailey Myziuk

Moving to the ‘Big City’ has been both exciting and inspiring. I have always been inspired by my environment and the creative energies around me – and in Brooklyn, that creative energy is almost tangible. Just walking down my street, I still find myself trying to take it all in: the shapes and shadows, geometric and organic harmonies, intricate details, simple details and colors that shift with the time of day and weather. The more I see and discover here, the more inspiration I find!

Birth Announcements: Bah Bah White Sheep - Blue Horizon