Tree Gems

6" x 4.3" with rounded corners

In case you haven’t figure it out, we LOVE trees. So, we have a soft spot for this fun design we call Tree Gems. While the interpretation is really up to you as to what each leaf shape represents, we like to think of each leaf as a mystical gem with magical powers – powers to bring peace, love and happiness to the New Year for all your family and friends. Now wouldn’t that be something? And because we love trees so much, we won’t be cutting down any new trees to produce your cards because we use exclusively 100% post consumer recycled paper. Not only will we not cut down trees, but we’ll plant one in your honor with every order. We won’t even need our magical gems to do it.

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Card Type:
Flat card, round corners. Free custom back option.
Card Size:
6 x 4.3 inches
130lb premium matte-feel 100% recycled paper
Premium 100% recycled envelopes included
Delivery Options:
Mailed For You
Free (pay only the stamps)
Shipped To You
$8.99 flat-rate (via Ground)
Price Per Card:

Nikole Gramm

My many design interests are fueled by my love of making and rowdy inner child. My inspiration comes from hours spent in antique stores eyeballing vintage ephemera, illustrators of the mid century era, and my fascination of the natural world. When I’m not designing I’m getting my hands dirty; most recently that means screen printing and cyanotyping.

Tree Gems Holiday Cards - Blue