Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

6" x 4.3" with rounded corners

If our robot were from Lost in Space, the robot might exclaim, “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.” But in our case, our robot’s sole purpose is to look out for your newborn babies and shepherd the message of their arrivals to all your family and friends with these fun and unique birth announcements. To be sure, our robot is terribly concerned about the uncovered electric outlets, sharp corners and unlocked toilet seats, so you might indeed hear some warnings from afar ;) Choose your favorite photo and personalize all of the text and your cards will be printed on paper that’s so luxe and eco that it only seems like it comes from another planet. As an added bonus, we’ll plant a tree in your baby’s honor somewhere in this solar system with every order.

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Card Type:
Flat card, round corners. Free custom back option.
Card Size:
6 x 4.3 inches
130lb premium matte-feel 100% recycled paper
Premium 100% recycled envelopes included
Delivery Options:
Mailed For You
Free (pay only the stamps)
Shipped To You
$8.99 flat-rate (via Ground)
Price Per Card:

Rachel Liang

As a curious person by nature, I’m easily captivated by anything and everything, particularly in a child’s world. Here, everything is magical and colorful. There’s lots to see and many ideas to ponder. Imagination is the key and anything goes. I’m delighted to be able share this world through my designs. www.rachelliang.com

Birth Announcements: Danger Will Robinson - Blueberry Baby