Parental Love

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Our flock of birds are influenced by modern art, with a hint of south Asian influence. The bold colors and geometric symmetry of the birds will bring out any drab wall. Get one of them personalized for you or your special one, or buy them all with no personalization to create your own colorful squares. The prints are mounted on luxe eco bamboo to keep with the Asian influence.

100% Tri-Layered Bamboo
Easy Hang
Easily hang and center in minutes with pre-drilled hanging hole (see back view)
All Bamboo Art ships via Standard shipping for $8.99, for any quantity of Bamboo Art

Radhika Abhyankar

I like beautiful things ... my inspiration often comes from everyday life: fabrics, furniture, bold typefaces, unusual forms and shapes found in nature ... anything that catches the eye may end up being the inspiration for a new design!