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Budding Fashionistas Unite!

I just spent the weekend in San Francisco with my friends, a family that was obsessed with Project Runway. It seemed to me that if they weren’t watching the show, the kids 11, 8, and 7 were downstairs in the craft room sewing (yep, the craft room)! Sunday morning before their parents were awake, the kids were all making outfits for Sasha’s American Girl Doll and her horse. I know that they also re-construct old clothing; make animal sweater scarves, felt creatures and wrist-warmers. [read more]

Surrur, the sound a sewing machine makes, if you are in Finland.

I am this close to signing up for a sewing class. Although, I did take sewing in 7th grade, where I made a strange-looking stuffed-animal from a kit. Saying my sewing machine skills are basic, may be too generous. But I will admit that I am pretty darn good at darning and replacing buttons using the “old school” needle and thread.

Surrur” is the sound that a sewing machine makes, if you are in Finland. It is ok if you can’t pronounce it, as 40% of Fins including their President, Tarja Kaarina Halonen, can’t trill their “Rs.” It is also the title of the amazing new “make your own Marimekko” book that I had to have from Crate and Barrel. [read more]