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Tips for Great Newborn Photos

The New Year is considered to be a time of new beginnings. For many, this means a laundry list of resolutions to help improve oneself over the course of the next calendar year. But for a few lucky ones, ringing in 2014 also coincides with another life-changing beginning: the birth of a new baby.

The arrival of your bundle of joy is certainly a wonderful way to celebrate and bring in the New Year and taking and sending newborn photos is part of the fun! If you want to take some precious snapshots of your little one, we have a few tips and tricks to ensure that your baby’s earliest days are captured perfectly. (Note: you will have best results with a point-and-shoot or DSLR, but these tips will help you take great shots even with a camera phone!)

1.)    The best time to do a newborn photo shoot is within two weeks of their birth. At this point, your baby will be able to spend most of the shoot in a deep sleep, so he/she will be much easier to pose and photograph. Feed baby just before the shoot, have some white noise playing in the background…do whatever you normally do to help him sleep!

2.)    Make sure baby is warm, as this will keep the baby comfortable! Have a heater in the room, pointed away from your little one. Swaddle the baby in between shots (just be sure to take a few photos of the baby wrapped up nice and cozy). Warm up your hands before using them to position the baby so that he/she won’t be startled.

Newborn Photo Tips

3.)    Shoot near a window, with good natural lighting. Don’t put your baby directly in the light though; this will result in unflattering shadows being cast, or a harsh tone overall.

4.)    Keep backgrounds simple. White walls, blankets with no quilting or print. You want your baby to be the main focus. If you want to use some props, go for it, but be sure to get a good number of shots that focus solely on your baby!

5.)    Get down to baby’s level. Lay the baby down on a bed or low table and kneel down beside it. This will result in tighter shots that bring the viewer closer to your newborn.

6.)    Is your baby sleeping? If you have a DSLR and a macro lens, now is the time to bring it out! Babies have the most precious little features: the tiniest hands and feet, chubby cheeks, rosy little lips. Focusing on these teeny details can give you adorable yet unique photos that capture all the  things you love about your little one. Since macro lenses are sensitive by nature, it’s best to take these photos while your baby is in a deep sleep.


Newborn Photo Tips

7.)    If your little one isn’t the least bit sleepy, just go with it! Capturing your baby’s yawns, stretches, and wiggles can also make for beautiful photos.

8.)    Relax! Babies can sense any frustration in a room, and this will make them uncomfortable and fussy. If you’re not getting the shots you want, you can try another time, or just roll with her current mood and see what kinds of photos you get out of it. If possible, only shoot with yourself and the baby in the room, so as to avoid any distractions and help both of you relax a bit more.

9.)    Remember that the most beautiful newborn photographs are the ones that truly capture your newborn’s mood and personality. Don’t get caught up in imitating cute photos you’ve already seen.

10.)    Enjoy yourself! Your baby won’t be this tiny for much longer. Savor the moment and have fun memorializing your newborn’s early days.

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Hopefully we’ve inspired you to pick up your camera and click away!

Did you do a newborn photoshoot? What are your favorite tips for capturing baby snapshots?