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The Graduate: An Interview With Tessa

Now that I’m nearing 40 (the age I determined was “old” when I was three decades younger), I’m not around as many young adults as I’d like to be. Most of my friends have only just started their families so most of the kids I know are tweens or younger.

TessaEnter Tessa. My beautiful “adopted” niece. Or cousin. I’m not really sure. We’re not blood, but by all means, we are family. I met Tessa when she was two years old. And  she’s about to embark on a journey most consider to be the first foray into adulthood. Tessa is going to graduate from high school very soon and I can’t believe it! I remember the hours I spent dalmatian role-playing with her like it was only yesterday (don’t worry, Tess, I’m going to stop reminiscing here so as not to embarrass you on the Internets)! [read more]