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A New Excuse to Cook

Ready to finally solve the universal problem of what to make for dinner once and for all? Meet, a new website founded around the principles that we should be eating out less and making home-cooked meals more. Of course that’s easier said than done for the busy mom. But the brains behind have put over a year’s research into perfecting the new site, and giving you literally no excuse not to cook.

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Swing Into Summer

334/365  Tire Swing Bench Monday!

334/365 Tire Swing Bench Monday!

Summer’s here! Which means airport runs for some families. Instead of packing for a stressful flight elsewhere, why not save money, enjoy a staycation and let your kids “fly” at home?!

I’ve spun myself silly for hours on end with this favorite childhood past time — the tire swing. And the best part aside from it being pretty easy to set up, is it really brings the neighborhood kids together. All you need is a strong and willing tree, a tire (save one from the junk yard), nylon rope or metal chain, and simple hardware. [read more]