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The Natural First Aid Kid

Everybody’s got to have one in the car, to take on travel, and at home in the medicine cabinet. But how many toxins are in that amazing first aid kid? If you’re a parent who prefers to keep everything in the house as toxin-free as possible, consider NaturoKits, all-new naturopathic first aid remedy kids. Naturopathic medicine uses the healing power of nature to bring about balance to the body. It addresses the root problems instead of simply relieving symptoms.

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The Organic Conundrum

Image via Summer Tomato

I try to buy organic food whenever possible. But I’m in constant conflict. Often the prices are almost double what conventional produce would cost. Is it really worth the extra cost just to avoid some pesticides?  Of course not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. It’s recommended to try to at least buy organic on foods with thin skins, like berries and lettuce. With thicker items such as with citrus or bananas, it’s not as important to buy organic.

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Being Thankful for Thanksgiving and thank you notes.

I have been thinking about being thankful, maybe more than usual+, since I have been writing lots of thank you notes lately. As you may have read, I recently “made” as my Aunt Aileen would say, a birthday party for my daughter. I was finally over the whole party process – preparing, hosting the party and cleaning up the sprinkles. And then suddenly Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season are here. What happened to the year? [read more]