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What Inspired Me This Week: Yummyfun Kooking!

With so many kids-cooking sites online, when I’m looking for originality and spunk, I always head to Yummyfun Kooking, my default “have fun cooking with kids” website! Yummyfun’s part Pee Wee Herman, part Martha Stewart and 100% awesome!

My friend Clare Crespo is the Chief Cupcake in Charge and for as long as I’ve known her, she’s been obsessed with inspiring folks to get creative in the kitchen. From the first dusting of flour to becoming a media powerhouse, she has written two best selling cookbooks: “The Secret Life of Food” and “Hey There Cupcake!”, teaches cooking classes and writes recipes and party ideas for other media outlets. You may have even spotted her on TV whipping up something fun. [read more]

Dog Days of Summer

sara, sophia & mica with puppies

This summer, Lulu is obsessed with stopping to pet every dog whose owner will allow it. If she sees one coming towards us (and this happens plenty in our neighborhood), she will excitedly say, “Be nice. Be nice, doggy,” hundreds of feet before her future four-legged friend is within arm’s reach. When the owner and dog near, I ask if the dog is friendly and if they wouldn’t mind if we pet him or her.

Dog owners in our neighborhood are very patient and friendly. About 95% of the time, the owner is gracious enough to stop, tighten the leash on their pup, and stoop while Lulu squats with her hands out. Depending on the dog, she squeals with joy or  runs behind me to protect her. She has fun petting each animal and I enjoy meeting my neighbors (who like parents, love to hear how cute or good their pet is). The only time Lulu doesn’t get to pet a puppy is when the dog is really young or really old (kids are too skittish for them). [read more]

So Sweet: Lemonade Stands!

School’s out! It’s the time of year for smores, campfires, and swimming (and a much needed break for parents everywhere). According to NPR, studies show that students lose months of reading and math skills over summer vacation. Apart from enrolling your kids in summer school or camp, how will you keep your kids engaged this summer?

I’m a big fan of lemonade stands as they teach children the basic rules of commerce (making and saving money) and entrepreneurship and are a fun and easy way to practice math. My 11 year old cousin, Ari pays for his summer purchases by operating his lemonade stand every couple of weeks and enjoys the outdoor activity tremendously.

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