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Inspired by the Blogosphere!

Hello, my name is Souris and I am a blogoholic. I’ve been reading weblogs (hah, remember when they were called that?) for nearly a decade and according to Google Reader, I subscribe to 1,391 blogs.

No doubt, someone, somewhere, inspires me daily.  I thought I’d try a little experiment and type “Inspired”, into my blog reader’s search box to see what results pulled up. Following are five hits that had the word “inspired” in them and actually inspire me (to do something) and hopefully you too!

1. NOTCOT – Pocket Dept Notebooks – I hate when I have an immediate need to jot something down (when a smart phone simply won’t do) and I can’t find a spare scrap of paper anywhere. Introducing, Pocket Dept, makers of a notebook for every pocket.

In their own words, Pocket Dept is, “a line of handy notebooks inspired by vintage stationary and designed to suit every pocket. Each Pocket Dept book is made from the finest writing papers and perfect bound for strength and durability. Designed and manufactured with recycled materials by Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY – from our workshop to your pocket.”

I think they’re French series is très chic! [read more]