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Bamboo Water Bottle – Cool!

At Paper Culture, we have a love affair with bamboo (see our bamboo wall art). That’s why we got excited when we discovered this bamboo water bottle from the Bamboo Bottle Company. It works for both hot and cold drinks, is BPA-free (yeah!) and it doesn’t leave that funny water bottle taste in your drink. And while we’re stealing a quote from their site, yes, we WILL drink to that! Did we mention how we love that it’s made from bamboo? For those of you who haven’t heard us talk about bamboo before, it’s one of the most amazing plants on the planet. In a single day it can grow taller than our CEO’s 4 year old daughter (Baby B – no, that doesn’t stand for Bamboo, but he’ll have to discuss that with his wife). It produces more oxygen per square foot than trees (though we love trees too), requires no pesticides to grow and it sure does look good too!

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